4 course Vegetarian Thanksgiving Party Menu

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It's time to give thanks for the abundance in our lives. Gratitude for family, friends, togetherness, success, prosperity and everything that you have had the good fortune of experiencing this year. And what better way than to get together with your near and dear ones over a hearty meal. If you're battling rain and chilly weather where you are, this meal will hit all the right notes. It's a vegetarian take on the traditional Thanksgiving Meal - but captures the essence of all the main elements. So fire up that oven and get baking. This is a meal you will want to make and share with those around you as you give thanks for all that you have received, pay it forward and welcome the new year with a open mind and heart.

Every row is a category of essentials in a Thanksgiving meal. Pick as many dishes as you wish, but make sure you have at least one item from each row to make it a complete meal.


Baked Dishes