4 Tasty Diabetic Friendly Snacking Options Between The Meals

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We keep looking out for options when it comes to specific diets like low cholesterol, diabetic friendly, low calorie, gluten free and other niche categories. When the people with real challenges are posed with a task of finding recipes that suit their palate along with their specific diet condition, recipes fall short of fulfilling their wish to eating right, healthy and the foods that belong to various cuisines and taste unique.

Here is an amazing snacking recipe collection for people with borderline type 2 diabetes or are strictly maintaining a diabetic diet. This is also useful for weightwatchers since the calories in each recipe is less than the traditionally prepared counterparts.

Along with a collection of this recipes, do prepare similar recipes with varied spices and ingredients to add more variety in a diabetic friendly diet. Inculcate a habit of snacking between meals and making every meal smaller in quantity, to keep diabetes in check and a type 2 diabetes at bay. Portion control, and a wholesome nutrients going in during the day is the key to maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay fit!


These are steamed lentil and other flour mixture that are steamed and eaten as anytime food. Prepare these recipes, but definitely in smaller quantities to avoid over eating and enjoy them for snacks, between the meals.

Salads & Stir Fries

Though this may sound boring, there are delicious salad options that are available for people with diabetic diet. Try the savoury and tangy flavoured salads which score a full marks on taste and are light and good for tummy too.

Conventional snacks

Conventional snacks like dhoklas, upma, undalu, chips, bhajji are delicious to imagine. Prepare these recipes with lesser oil and omit any sugar or jaggery if the recipe calls for, and the traditional snack is good to be prepared for specific diet like diabetes. Resort to shallow frying and paniyaram frying for most recipes that call for deep frying to keep an eye on the oil consumption for everyday.

Unconventional Chaats

There are lesser known and lesser explored categories since they are not made very often in Indian households. But try these Frankie with healthy vegetables roll, prepare a chaat with soaked and boiled chana, black eyed peas or any other protein rich pulses and have them without guilt between the meals. You can even make unconventional baked snack recipes like ragi masala twisters to break the monotony. We repeat, portion control is the key in warding off the possibility of developing diabetes and high cholesterol. Snacking goes well between meals, and when the meals kept simple and in limited portions but nutritious, is when you will never have to worry about your blood sugar levels.