4 Uses Of Mandoline To Make Your Life Easier

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It becomes really difficult for us sometimes to cut very thin slices of fruits and vegetables. If we try to cut it really thin, most of the times it gets cut into a different shape altogether. A lot of times we do feel a good quality kitchen gadget should help us do it - don't you think? So if you are looking for a kitchen gadget which cuts your vegetables and fruits into paper-thin slices or julienne sticks, your answer is Mandoline Slicer. Believe us, it will soon become one of those tools in your kitchen which is always in the sink to be cleaned.

The Mandolin Slicer will make your life easy and cuts vegetables and fruits in no time. 

A good Mandoline comes with interchangeable blades and helps in cutting fruits and vegetables in different shapes. You can even grate vegetables and fruits using this kitchen gadget. Another good thing about Mandoline is that the slices are all perfect and uniform, and they cook evenly, making it easier for us to keep things ready for our cooking. 

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Here are some of the most important things that a mandoline slicer can do:

1. Cuts vegetables into thin slices

Mandoline helps us to cut the vegetables into thin slices so that we can use them in making different recipes like sandwiches, soup, fried or baked veggies etc. For instance, we can get perfectly thin sliced onions for making onion rings using this fantastic kitchen gadget.

2. Cuts Fruits Perfectly

Just like vegetables, it also helps in cutting thin slices of fruits, which can be used for sandwiches or even just for something different in a fruit salad. They get cut in a perfect shape and also looks perfect when you use them to garnish a particular dish.

3. Helps to Grate Vegetables

As we mentioned above it comes with different blades, so you can even grate vegetables using the slicer. You can use these grated vegetables to make salads, sandwiches or in main course recipes.

4. Gives Perfectly Sliced or Grated Cheese

It is not only about vegetable and fruits, you can even get grated or sliced cheese with the help of a mandoline slicer. 

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Cuisinart CTG-00-MAN Mandoline Slicer

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