4 - Ways To Detox & Balance Yourself Post The Festive Celebration

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Diwali has come and gone. Whether you pulled out all the stops, exercised control, or followed simple ways to keep yourself feeling healthy while also enjoying the festivities, it’s that time of year when you’re going to want to cut back and detox a little. Dial back all the hectic indulgence and regain some balance. Now is as good a time to start as any, and we have just the tricks for you.

Give your tummy a break

First of all, it’s a good idea to take a break from all the eating. To wait until you’re hungry to eat the next meal, instead of eating because “it’s mealtime!” When you are hungry, try and have a fibre-rich meal to kick-start your digestion and give your metabolism a boost.

Get your everyday exercise

If you took a break from your exercise regimen, waste no time in getting back to it. Starting trouble is best overcome when the gap since your last workout is small. The faster you get back on your feet, the easier it will be to spring back into form. Make the most of your everyday endorphin rush and get that extra boost of energy to take you through your day. If you let the lethargy creep in, it will only make you feel lazy.

Detox-friendly foods

Fresh juices, high fibre foods, lots of yoghurt and healthy wholesome raw foods are a good place to start when you’re looking at bringing your food habits back in control, after a week or so of festivity. Juices are refreshing; give you a high dose of fruit and vegetable nutrients, without the hassle of cooking any of it. High fibre food helps to flush you’re the toxins our of your digestive track quickly. Salads, fruit and other raw foods help bulk up your meals with healthy stuff rather than carbs and fried food. And curd will cool your system, replenish all the healthy gut-bacteria and set things back in order again.

Green Tea Goodness

It’s a well known fact that at least a cup of Green Tea a day (if not more!) can go a long way in improving blood flow, lowering cholesterol, boosting metabolism and eventually reducing fat content. Despite the zero-calorie drink tag it carries, green tea can do so much more for you. It’s detoxifying effects go a long way. From purifying blood to boosting antioxidant activity, improving blood sugar and insulin levels and fighting bacteria. Post-festivity, a cup of Tetley Green Tea a day, can put you on the path to quick rejuvenation.


Drink a lot of different hydrating fluids that are good for you. Whether you choose fresh juices, coconut water loaded with electrolytes or even a cup of green tea -- anything that will help detox and rejuvenate your body – take care to drink more than your usual quota of water.

Most of all, waste no time in doing whatever it takes to get back to your normal routine. Meditate, exercise, cook, read, meet friends, choose whatever habit best brings your normal rhythm of life, because with routine you will naturally fall into your habitual patterns of eating and drinking. With the indulgence done, and healthy meals back in your plate and regular exercise, it won’t be long before you feel completely refreshed and ready for life to resume after all the celebrations.

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