46 Tantalising Rasam Recipes You Would Love To Try In Your Kitchen

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There's absolutely no substitute to home made food made by your mother. Traditional recipes that have been cooked in the household and something each of like going back is food that literally spells comfort. 

Rasam is one such traditional recipe that is made in almost all households across South India. 

Ideally rasam has a thin soup like consistency with a base of tamarind water along with tomatoes, topped with a tempering of mustard seeds and curry leaves, both of which lend a lovely aroma to the dish. 

Hot rasam best goes with some piping hot steamed rice, along with a dollop of ghee and some poriyal by the side to make it a complete meal. An addition of a glass of buttermilk to this meal is all you need. 

Although this rasam is served with rice alone, you can also eat this rasam as soup made steaming hot, sipped from a glass or a cup, maybe on winter or monsoon evenings or even when you are down with a flu or cold & cough, or just because. 

Thee herbs and spices like black pepper, cumin seeds, garlic used in the rasam act as digestives and help with the cold releasing the nasal canal. 

There are endless variations to the classic rasam recipe, made with different ingredients in different regions.While some recipes call for the rasam masala to be made fresh by roasting and grinding the spices, making the rasam light up all your taste buds, some recipes ask for a standard rasam powder to be used with a base of experimental ingredients like pineapple or watermelon making them spicy sweet tangy fruit rasams, the recipe really is left to be made to your imagination. 

Look into these delicious rasam recipes of ours that you can try in your kitchen today.