5 Great Ideas For Your Kids Pool Side Party That They Will Love

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Engaging the kids during their summer break and the initial days of academic year when the teaching and lessons are yet to run full throttle can be very daunting. Kids complain of boredom many times no matter how busy they are during the day. To relish the offset of summer in India and to celebrate their time back in school, how about arranging an amazing pool side party at home?

After All,

Play and schooling should go in tandem!

This splash bash can engage kids when they are making the décor for the party and also can be involved in simple tasks during cooking the recipes that you have planned for party menu. For example, you can ask them to help while preparing the cake batter, cleaning utensils, prepping ingredients and likely. Pool party can start after lunchtime and go on till it is almost time for sunset. It is a complete fun way for your kids and their friends in your community or apartment to throw a pool side party where they can dive into water when they feel like and while still in pool, can have food in special cutlery.

Here is a poolside party menu that you can serve for kids. Try the recipes and let us know which recipes you love the most!

Also, We agree that these days, kids love sci fi movies and games and are a lot technically interested. How about having serving bowls, plates and cups that are themed on sci fi movies? Check out a few of them to flare up your imagination as to what can be bought to make your kids’ pool side party memorable experience for every kid invited!

Pool Side Drinks

Stir up the mocktails, smoothies or fresh fruit juices for kids. You won’t know the amount of dehydration that happens when you play for hours in pool. Keep the kids hydrated, right from the moment they arrive, so that they have a ball of a time partying.

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Kids will love small desserts they can have while they are in pool. Try various cupcakes with frostings of cream cheese, or whipped cream and fresh fruits or chocolate. These cupcake ideas will be loved by kids.

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Small portions of sandwiches with veggies and creamy pasta sauce, or mayo or green chutney can be made to serve. Involve your kids in assembling the sandwiches before the party starts and neatly wrap in aluminium foils so that it is easy to serve when the party starts.

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Burgers and fries are a classic combination that many kids like. Prepare the patties in advance and like sandwiches, you can assemble them ahead of time and serve individually as well. Come up with ideas of different patties to fill in the burger.

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Ice Creams

You can make easy homemade ice cream recipes to serve to kids. Serve them in delightful kid themed ice cream bowls with fresh fruit or nuts garnishes and they will be the much expected show stoppers when the kids come out of the pool.

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