5 Ingredients To Make Lip Smacking Rolls/Wraps With Recipes

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Street food is very popular all over the world and when it comes to India there are many dishes such as Chaat, Rolls, Indo Chinese, South Indian Dosa etc which are sold in every part of India and is enjoyed by the people. Today, we will talk about one of India’s favourite street snack, wraps or rolls.

Wraps and Rolls are everyone’s favourite! If we talk about street style rolls, they usually use parathas or rotis made of maida stuffed with delicious spicy fillings such as Potato Masala, Paneer Chilli Masala, Chicken Tikka Masala etc. They also add delicious sauce, spices and pickled onions to give it extra taste and flavour.

We all have heard about Kolkata’s famous Kathi Rolls which are sold on the streets of the city and is everyone’s favourite too. Then there are Mughlai Rolls which are sold on the streets of Lucknow and Hyderabad. Juicy chicken or mutton stuffing with thinly sliced pickled onions in a maida roti makes you crave for more and more.

We know how much all of us love our Rolls and Wraps and the best thing about them is we can experiment the rolls according to our taste buds. We can make them for different occasions such as appetisers, tea parties, dinner, house parties etc. so here we will tell you what 5 things you need to make your favourite roll and wrap:

1. Tortilla, Roti & Paratha

You can use either of these to make your rolls and wraps. Paratha and Roti can be flavoured according to your choice too. One can use a paratha made of corn flour or whole wheat flour or you can flavour your roti or paratha with vegetables such as palak, methi, beetroot etc. You can also use Pita bread for shawarmas and other rolls. Some of the Options that you can use for Rolls are - Roti, Tawa Paratha, Whole Wheat Lachha Paratha, Methi Thepla, Whole Wheat Tortilla, Corn Tortilla, Pita Bread etc.

2. Cutlets, Kebabs, Pakoras, Stir Fried Vegetables And More

We have already given you some options that you can use for the wrap but what about the stuffing? Well, you can add your favourite Pakora, Kebab, Cutlets or Stir fried Vegetables and Legumes for the stuffing. Some options that you can add in your wraps are Healthy Kala Chana PakoraVeg Noodle PakoraChicken PakoraBatata VadaVegetarian Shami KebabMurg Malai KebabStir Fried Carrot and Green BeansKadai Egg Masala etc. You can stir fry your favourite vegetables and legumes with masalas to add in the stuffing too.

3. Sauce & Chutneys

To give the roll or wrap extra flavour you can add sauce and chutney of your choice. It enhances the taste of the roll and gives it a nice texture too. Some of our favourite sauce that we use in our rolls are Green ChutneyLahsun Ki ChutneyDill Leaves & Parmesan DipTzatziki RecipeClassic Homemade HummusBeetroot Hummus etc.

4. Pickled Vegetables

This is our favourite part. The sourness and sweetness from this pickled vegetables such as onions and beetroot takes the taste to next level. You can also tomatoes, cucumber and capsicum in your rolls.

5. Spices

To add more taste, you can add spices like garam masala, chaat masala etc. You can also add red chilli flakes, oregano, parsley etc to add that extra flavour.So what are you waiting for? Make your favourite rolls this weekend and enjoy with friends and family. Here are some of our favourite roll and wrap recipes that you can try in your kitchen:

Here are some Wrap/Roll recipes that are our favourite here at Archana's Kitchen and we are sharing the recipes so that you can try them too in your kitchen: