5 Things To Do At Home Before You Go On Vacation

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Who doesn’t love vacations and to get ready weeks before with required shopping of clothes, accessories, and packaged food to keep our holiday spirits high? Whether it is a trip of 2 days during a weekend or a long tour, we repeatedly think of our necessities during travel and make sure we do not run for supplies and comforts during last minute. Some of us, majorly ladies of the house have additional things to do while the family decides to go on vacation. These tasks are little different from the regular euphoria we get while we purchase things for the tour and stay. Women need to take care of the house, the kitchen garden, leftovers of the kitchen, perishable kitchen items like fresh vegetables and fruits, laundry, water and so many other things to think of.

It could be great if the family members help the lady of the house to wind up neatly for the vacation. The help received during this nth hour shall be fondly remembered. Even the reminders that one gives about these chores are important during this time. While we get ready to scoot and explore the outdoors, here are 5 things to do at home before vacation.

Taking Care Of Perishable Ingredients

If the vacation is pre-planned in advance, minimize the purchase of perishables like fresh fruits, greens, and vegetables. Though refrigeration might help till you get back, it is always recommended to have freshly bought perishable supplies than to cook from the crisper. But make sure you stock up potatoes, onion, and garlic which can stay fresh outside the fridge for longer. Depending on the number of days of outing, decide the vegetables to be kept I fridge or outside. Also, check your stock of pulses and variety of beans. Sure you will be delighted to find veggies and pulses to cook when you return from vacation!

Here are a few recipes to cook when you come back from vacation.

Taking Care Of Leftover Food

Minimize any food that goes into fridge from previous day leftover. Prepare exact food the previous day, create leftover recipes for breakfast on the day of travel or as food during travel, or pack the leftovers for munching during travel. Any leftover cooked food loses its nutrition even if the vacation is for 2 days. You wouldn’t want your fridge to stink when you return. Also, avoid keeping curds or buttermilk in the fridge since they may turn sour. Tomato puree, tamarind extract, dates chutney can go into deep freezer safely since they stay for long.

Here are recipes you can cook from leftover food.

Taking Care Of Kitchen Garden

If you have a small Kitchen garden, you do not need to worry that the plants might wilt due to no water. Simply choose from these options of watering plants.

  • Keep an earthen pot filled with water and either make a dot of a hole in its bottom and bury about half of it in each pot or next to each plant. Check the water flow for a couple of minutes and adjust as required.
  • Burry the earthen pot slantwise, in each pot, or next to each plant and fill with water. Wet a medium thick thread. Dip its one end till the bottom of the pot and allow its other end to be buried in soil.
  • Fill a large plastic cover with water and tie it properly. Make a pinhole at its bottom. Tie the plastic bag to a pole near each plant, such that the dripping water falls to the soil surrounding the plant.


Empty the garbage, dry and fold the laundry, sweep and mop the floor and bathrooms with strong and fragrant disinfectant before you leave for holidays. This will avoid roaches and insects. Besides, you will feel the warmth of clean and welcoming house when you return.

Check Locks And Taps

The final and safe thing to do is check all your taps, close them completely, and check the locks on your wardrobe and all doors before you leave. These steps will ensure you a tension free and rejuvenating vacation!

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