5 Things To Remember If You’re Partying Tonight

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That weekend party can upset all your carefully laid diet plans. Get around it with these simple tips from Roshini Gilbert, VP of Services at HealthifyMe

The busy nature of modern life means that weekends put us in party mode! We’re keen to eat, drink, make merry and recharge for the week ahead. But does partying mean we need to bid adieu to our fitness goals? Make sure you stay on track by following these simple tips from Roshini Gilbert, VP of Services at HealthifyMe.

1. Work out an hour before the party

Apart from making you look hotter and making you feel much better, a pre-party pump provides another big benefit. It keeps your calorie burn going for hours after you have worked out.

2. Have a mini meal before you step out

Having a small snack before you step out, be it a salad or something else, ensures that you are satiated and not likely to attack the snacks buffet the moment you lay eyes on it! Make sure you include a little bit of protein in the snack; try a boiled egg, an apple and peanut/almond butter or a simple sprouts salad.

3. Shun all unwanted carbs

Stay away from all unwanted carbs even though they may be calling out to you! Keep in mind that there’s likely to be plenty of sugar in your alcohol and the dessert. Also, choose your alcohol and the accompanying snacks wisely.

4. Try a little bit of everything

Sample a little bit of everything that’s on the menu instead of binging on all that you see. Practising portion control is important to keeping control on your diet and weight.

5. Dance the night away

If there’s a dance floor, there’s nothing better that you can do than hit it right away! And stay there all night! Energetic dancing may not be scheduled exercise but it can help torch plenty of calories.

Enjoy the weekend, but don’t let the party affect your weight-loss efforts!

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