5 Ways To Eat Right This Diwali

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The festive season is well and truly upon us. While we’re still recovering from all the binging on sweets and snacks during Navratri, it’s already time for Diwali. And with this festival comes another wave of endless parties, exchanging sweets, late nights of celebration, and all the irresistible festive food. Everybody tends to let go a little during this time of gluttony and indulgence, and inevitably the guilt follows. But you could break that cycle this festive season.

Plan ahead, adopt a few simple rules and see how just that little bit more awareness can go a long way in minimising the unnecessary guilt associated with festivals. Here’s a few simple ways that you can eat right this Diwali and ensure that you still feel good at the end of it. Sit back, let your hair down and enjoy this season for what it is – food, family, fun and festivities! Don’t let the guilt get in the way. 

Space meals out

Diwali is a time for hectic socialising - visiting relatives, dropping by at friends' homes, dining out and gathering at multiple Diwali parties. With your social calendars filling up, it might be a good idea to plan ahead and space the engagements out. Pick and choose wisely, spacing out the events that are likely to have you eating out across several days, rather than all at once, or too many engagements on one day. Make sure you have at least one healthy meal a day at home to balance it out, and keep time to get at least half an hour of exercise everyday.

Eat mindfully

When you are at a Diwali outing whether at home or outside, make sure you consciously exercise portion control. Be mindful of the fact that every indulgence piles on, and during the few days of Diwali there will be multiple occasions to indulge. Choose well, eat everything you love and enjoy, but make sure not to overeat all the time. This will leave you feeling satisfied, but not bloated after having binged.

Some home-cooked meals

Try and get at least one meal at home in between the hectic socialising and dining out. This way, you can use the opportunity to load up on fibre, vegetables, salads, and other nutritious stuff to off-set the sugar and carb-loading that’s likely to happen when you are out celebrating. It will help keep you system in check, as well as make sure you don't miss out on essential nutrition.

Eat when you’re hungry

Despite all your planning and trying to eat some meals at home, if you happen to find yourself facing hunger pangs at an odd time when you are on the move, know that it is okay, in fact better, to eat in between meals. Pick something wholesome and good for you, like a fruit, or drink a juice, munch on a handful of nuts or a few biscuits with a cup of tea or coffee, rather than going hungry for long periods of time. Starving yourself until the next indulgent Diwali meal comes along is not a good idea. Going hungry creates acid build up, which when faced with excessively oily food or sugary sweets can cause havoc.


Begin and end each day with a cup of Tetley Green Tea. This will help get rid of the toxins, regulate metabolism, clean out your digestive tract and leave you feeling refreshed and ready for another day of festivities!

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