5 Ways You Can Use Eggs To Create Delicious Breakfast Meals

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Eggs are your saviour for your Breakfast meals, when you need something quick and healthy for your mornings, these will help you to satisfy your hunger. Even though eggs are used for dinner and lunch dishes we often see them on our Breakfast tables with a cup of hot beverage and fruit bowl by the side.

Eggs are inexpensive and rich in protein that will help to kick start your day with a Healthy Start. It is one of those first things people would love try cooking with them, be it a simple omelette or just a light and creamy scramble. All you need is your usual cooking utensil that are available at your kitchen and minimal seasonings to bring out a delicious meal for you.

Few Health Benefits of Using Eggs as your Breakfast:

  • Helps to maintain a Healthy weight, by filling your appetite till you have next meal of the day.
  • The Eggs are rich in protein and other nutrients like vitamins, Iron, Zinc which aids in growth and development of body.
  • The lutein found in eggs help to keep your eyes and heart healthy
  • The presence of nutrients and minerals in the eggs help to improve the functioning of Brain cells keeping the memory and nervous system active.

There are different ways that you can savour your eggs for your breakfast. We have tried to add in the egg preparation around the world and paired it up with some sides to make your meal complete. So therefore you would not have to worry about what you can serve your eggs with.

1. Broccoli Cheddar Frittata - with Beet Salad & Banana Smoothie

A famous Italian dish that is quite similar to an omelette and is thick. The frittata can be enriched with additional ingredients like meats, vegetables, greens and cheese. The frittata are usually twice cooked, once on the pan and then it is finished off in the oven. A cast iron pan is usually used to make to get a nice fluffy and fried omelette.

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In this meal combination that we have created, we have filled frittata with broccoli and cheddar cheese, which is served along with some winter vegetable salad and delicious Banana & date smoothie.

2. High Protein Spinach Omelette - with Avocado/Tomato Toast & Coffee Latte 

Omelettes is the first dish that every beginner in cooking would love to try. It is simple, quick and at the same time fill up your stomach. You can add any fillings of your choice and make it fun and healthy. 

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Here we have Omelette that is very fancy to look but at the same time filled in with High protein, this is served along with a quick Avocado and Tomato Cheese Toast & Hot Coffee Latte. 

3.Apple Cinnamon French Toast - with Arugula Watermelon Salad & Lemon Tea 

French toast are your sinful Breakfast that you can have in the morning. These will be loved by the people who crave to start their day with something sweet. All you need is some Bread slices and eggs to whip up a delicious and crusty sweet toast. You can even make them savoury too. 

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In this meal combination that we have created, we have flavoured the french toast by using apples and cinnamon that is served along with fresh Arugula Salad & a simple Lemon Tea. 

4. Mumbai Style Egg Bhurji/ Scramble - with Whole Wheat Pav & Adrak Chai

Scramble and Bhurji are similar to each other, but it is just called differently at different place. This type of egg preparation does not need a steady hand to flip the omelette to get a perfect a round shape. You can add any additional ingredients into the egg mixture and make a delicious recipe for your breakfast. 

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In this meal combo we have paired the classic Mumbai style Bhurji which is spicy and delicious that is typically served along with some toasted bread and Adrak Chai. 

5.Shakshuka with Spinach & Feta Recipe - with Focaccia Bread & Fruit Bowl 

A typical African based breakfast dish that is loved by many. The whole eggs are baked on a bed of savoury rich tomato sauce. You can experiment with the base and add anything of your choice. It makes a simple breakfast meal in one pot.

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We have a delicious breakfast combo made with Shakshuka with savoury focaccia bread and bowl of fresh fruits.