55 Mouthwatering Eggless Cake Recipes That You Would Love To Try

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Desserts are considered as sinful pleasures which you would crave to eat anytime of the day. It is always a tradition that you would finish any meal with a dessert and that would be considered as a complete meal.

Desserts are divided into a broader category depending on the ingredients that are used and also depends on the method of baking. One of the first dessert recipes that we usually try to bake at home are Cakes. As the Amateur bakers at home love to experiment mainly on simple desserts that they can surprise their family members for a special occasion. 

Most of the Cake recipes use eggs in the batter as a major ingredient while baking. This is because eggs helps in incorporating air in the cake batter that makes the cake spongy and helps it to rise. But there are options to omit egg and use a substitute to create a same and yet a delicious Cake Recipe. This helps people who follow a vegetarian diet with "No Egg" to satisfy their sweet cravings as well. 

It is rightly said that Baking is considered as an Art and Science, this is because it needs accuracy in measuring the ingredients that we put in to make a dessert as well it needs the thought process of baking the dessert right. So therefore make sure to follow the recipes right and do not forget to miss out any ingredients. In order to keep the same fluffy and moist texture of the cake we have tried using ingredients like Flax meal Egg Replacer or Buttermilk which will give a similar texture as compared to recipes that use eggs.  

Cakes are an absolute treat to everyone who loves to eat desserts. Cakes are often served at the time of celebration during occasions like birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries or even send off Parties. They can come in different forms like in the shape of Cupcakes, Muffins, Loafs, Bundt Cakes, Layered Cakes. Sheet Cakes & Swiss Rolls. 

All of them serve the same purpose that are meant to make people happy and delighted as you dig into every bite of those sinful pleasures. These Eggless cakes can also be your Tea Time snack that will make your evening special with a warm cup of Chai. Don't forget the show stoppers for your Parties that your friends will crave to eat your dessert every time. Here you go and try out our different Eggless Cake Recipes that you will fall in love.