56 Crunchy & Chewy Cookies You Can Make For Snacking & Holidays

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 One really can't think of our morning or evening tea, without some cookies being served alongside. Cookies are absolutely loved by all, irrespective of age. 

Crispy crunchy bites, cookies are made by making a dough with flour, butter, sugar and eggs, with some flavoring agents like essence or extracts, or natural agents like orange or lemon zest. or even nuts like almonds or walnuts. The dough is rested and then baked in a preheated oven until crisp. 

All of us like our cookie jars at home to be full all the time. Its great to be served at tea time along with some piping hot tea or coffee and loved by the kids along with a glass of milk as well.  It works well as a small snack at times to satisfy your hunger pangs too. 

There are various types of cookies. 

1. Drop Cookies - are those cookies that are made by dropping spoonfuls of the cookie dough on a cookie tray.

Example: Chocolate Chip Cookies 

2. Piped Cookies - are those cookies, where the cookie dough is piped onto the cookie sheet.

Example: Meringue Kisses

3. Bar Cookies - are those, where the cookie dough almost resembles a thick dense batter, poured into trays and baked. These are then t and served. Example: Brownies

4. Sliced Cookies : the cookie dough is shaped to resemble a log, which is baked, cooled and then sliced. These sliced cookies are returned to the oven and then baked again. 

Example: Biscotti 

5. Tuiles: are those cookies, made using a cookie batter. The batter is spread onto a hot pan, cooked and then removed while the cookie, is still hot and malleable, it is folded into desired shapes. 

Example: Fortune Cookie, Brandy Snap 

6. Sandwich Cookies - are those where two cookies are sandwiched with a filling. A filling like chocolate cream, ganache, jam or cream cheese. 

Example: Macarons 

Try out our cookie recipe and tell u which is your favourite 

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