55 Succulent and Delicious Mutton Recipes That You Must Try!

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The most succulent and the Juiciest mutton with strong flavours of spice is the one dish that anyone would love to have as your weekend specials. Mutton has been one of the favourite meat right from the Mughal rule. They have influenced majorly in the way we cook and also even in the ingredients that we use. Any celebration would call for a delicious and flavour packed Mutton dish that will be prepared with ease from the Royal Kitchen.

The traditional Recipes from India like the Laal Maas from Rajasthan, Galouti Kebab from Lucknow, Rogan Josh from Kashmir and Awadhi Biryani, Minced lamb korma from the southern show how the meat has been used to the various extent in order to get the maximum flavour out of it.

The essence of cooking the mutton lies in understanding the different flavours of spice that will go really well with it and also on how to cook the meat. Mutton is a tough and strongly flavoured meat that needs a long time in margination. It also need to be cooked for a right amount of time with the right temperature. This will help in enhancing the mutton pieces as well as the curry that is cooked along with it.

The most common spices that are used to cook mutton are cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg and mace, these spices match really well the mutton pieces when you are making a curry, kebabs and or even a dry dish.

Things to keep in Mind while cooking Mutton:

  • Picking up the right and fresh mutton pieces from the market is a must. Tender meat are pinkish in colour, soft and yet firm. If you pick meat that has more wrinkles and looks quite red then the meat will become tough to cook.
  • If you are planning on making a Curry or Biriyani then try to buy “Curry cut” pieces that is some amount should be just flesh and some has to be with bone. This will help in enhancing the taste of the dish. For Cutlets and Kebabs we need to use keema which is nothing but minced mutton.
  • Marination is a very important part while cooking mutton as it helps to tenderise the meat better. Most commonly used marinate ingredient in Indian cuisine is Yogurt but you can even add some pineapple juice that will do the trick. Adding spice powder, ginger & garlic paste will also enhance the flavour better. Marinate the kebabs for a longer period of time and make sure you refrigerate the mixture.
  • Make sure not to add salt while the meat is marinated or before cooking the meat. Salt will force out the juiciness from the meat and prevents browning. Add salt during the process of cooking the meat.
  • It is always advised to cook the meat on slow heat. Dum style cooking is most often used to cook mutton as it helps to retain the juiciness and moisture intact.
  • If you are barbecuing or Pan frying the mutton pieces then make sure you have a bowl of oil to spread it over so that they do not turn dry very quickly because of the heat.

Here we have listed our various Mutton recipes that you would want to try them at your kitchen and make your weekend special.