6 Delectable Pulao and Kadhi Meal Idea For Weeknight Dinners

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After a busy and tiring weekday, we are most often looking for easy recipes, that gets ready in a jiffy and yet something that is wholesome. In this article we have lined up some delicious Pulao and Kadhi combinations that you can make for your weeknight dinner. These combinations are very easy to make and will be loved by your family too.

Kadhi is usually a everyday recipe which is made in North Indian households and is served with Phulka, Paratha, Pulao or Khichdi. We have included Pulao and Kadhi from different regions of India, so that you get to taste the flavour of these states. With the use of local masalas and style of cooking, every kadhi and pulao differentiate from each other.

For instance, Kadhi from gujarat will be thin and a little sweet, while Kadhi from Punjab will be thick and spicy. Some pulaos will be filled with vegetables, some will have different dals and legumes.

So, what are you waiting for? Try these 6 absolutely mouth watering Kadhi Pulao Combinations for your weekday meals and let us know how you liked it. You can also pack these meals in your Lunch Box with any Indian salad like Kachumber Salad, Satvik Carrot Sprout Salad etc.

1. Jaisalmer Kala Chana Kadhi & Methi Matar Pulao

Jaisalmer Kala Chana Kadhi is a delicious Kadhi from Rajasthan where black chickpeas are cooked along with yogurt curry. Serve this delicious Kadhi along with Methi Matar Pulao, which has goodness of fenugreek leaves and green peas. You can also add in a Shalgam Gajar Aur Gobhi Ka Achar Recipe and a Papad along with the meal.

2. Punjabi Style Boondi Kadhi & Corn Pulao

Who doesn't love kadhi? Here the Punjabi Kadhi has a twist of boondi which makes it even more delicious and flavourful. Serve it with Corn Pulao. We are sure this combination will not disappoint you. Add in an Instant Raw mango pickle and papad along with this to make it more delicious.

3. Rajasthani Pyaaz Ki Kadhi & Rajasthani Gatte Ka Pulao

This is our absolute favourite. Rajasthani Gatte Ka Pulao has little gram flour gattas which gives a nice texture to the pulav and serve it with Pyaaz Ki Kadhi which is spicy and reminds you of Rajasthani food as soon as you taste it. If you like a little sweetness you can add in the Kacche Aam Ki Launji Recipe and Papad to complete the meal.

4. Gujarati Kadhi & Gujarati Batata Pulao

The hint of sweetness from the Gujarati Kadhi along with Gujarati Batata Pulao, mouthwatering right? You can also make Gujarati Wadi Pulao along with this Kadhi, it tastes equally delicious.

5. Punjabi Kadhi Pakora & Baby Potatoes Pulao

Punjabi Kadhi Pakora is made almost in every North Indian household. It is a perfect recipe to make when you have guests coming over for lunch or dinner. Serve it with Baby Potatoes Pulao for a weeknight dinner.