6 Delicious Appetizer Recipes Served With Green Chutney

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Mint chutney is a magnificent chutney that would go great with numerous dishes. It's a deliciously spicy chutney prepared from fresh mint leaves, coriander leaves, ginger and garlic and yogurt. The preparation time takes as less as 15 minutes and and serve the mint chutney with any snack of your choice. Here are a list of dishes that's a tastes best with green chutney.

We have listed out 6 recipes that's a must have with green chutney. To begin with the Tortilla Wraps With Onion Pakora is an Indo-Mexican fusion recipe that can be an amazing snack during the monsoons.  Dal And Vegetable Kebab is a quick tea time snack with a blend of vegetables and mix of pulses that can be prepared at home with a lot of healthy ingredients for a family get together. We also have Pan Fried Onion Pakora which is a crispy dish where the mixture is shallow fried and not deep fried. It can be accompanied with a cup of chai.  Then comes the Matar Kachori which is a Rajasthan dish deep fried pastry filled with spicy peas filling. Another favorite dish is the Bulgur Wheat Potato Patty Recipe, this can be made a favourite tea time snack by using oats, veggies and bulgur wheat to add more fiber and nutrition. Lastly the most famous punjabi dish, Achari Paneer Tikka that just tastes heavenly with the green chutney.