6 Healthy Millet Idli Recipes For A Wholesome Breakfast

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Simple and delicious yet healthy at the same time, these  Healthy Millet Idli Recipes can help incorporate super healthy millets into Idli Recipes. Adding various kinds of millets in different forms, into idli batters, is a great way to include them in your everyday meal plates. 

Millets are considered to have been around in India for close to ten thousand years. Although it has been around for that long, it has suddenly taken the world by storm, making it a current healthy food trend. 

Another constant (read constantly trending) in our South Indian Cuisine is the humble idli. Simple batter usually made with rice and dal, fermented and steamed to make Soft-fluffy pillows called Idlis are a hot favourite across the country. 


Millets really are seeds and not grains. They provide great energy with negligible number of calories. Since these seed are Gluten Free and high in fiber, they aid in better digestion.  An amazing protein option, for fellow vegetarians, Millets have great nutrition value and very good health benefits.  

Fortunately for all of us, India is a significant producer of Millets of various kinds.

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Bringing these millets in Healthy Millet Idli Recipes to our Indian Dining table in the forms of idlis is a great way to include into your diet

So wait no more, read on to see, how you can include Millets in your everyday menus by making these 6 Healthy Millet Idli Recipes