6 Incredible Recipes You Can Make In A Mason Jar

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Mason jars are named after John Landis Mason which is a molded glass jar used to preserve food. Storing them in mason jars also makes it easy to eat and re-use the jars. You can have everything from an Ice-Cream to Parfaits to Cheese Cakes in a Jar. Today, we have listed out 6 delicious recipes that you can make and place them in a mason jar. They are packed with nutrients in a tiny jar and can be carried and had on the go. 

You can either choose to make the dish first and pour or fill them in the jar, like a milkshake or prepare the ingredients separately and layer them and make it look gorgeous. You can make the recipes like our Parfaits for your breakfast and have them while you travel and just fill it with all your favorite nuts and fruits to keep you energetic all day. 

Have a look at the recipes below.

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