6 Indian Parathas With Raitas That Makes A Perfect Meal

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paratha is a flatbread that is from the Indian subcontinent. It is very prevalent throughout Pakistan and India and is the traditional staple of the area. Parathas can be made in a variety of way and with a number of flavor combinations. You can also experiment with the stuffing that goes into a paratha and adjust them according your taste buds. Here are 6 Parathas that you can serve along with raitas for breakfast or dinner.

Lifafa Paratha With Burani Raita

The Whole Wheat Spinach Paneer Lifafa Paratha is made by folding the roti dough in the shape of envelope with Paneer stuffing inside it and tastes best with Burani Raita which is a creamy raita from the Hyderabadi cuisine.

Beetroot Paratha With Tadka Raita

Beetroot Paratha Recipe is made from whole wheat flour dough stuffed with grated beets that are combined with roasted crushed peanuts, cumin powder, finely chopped onion, green chillies and lots of coriander leaves. This Paratha tastes best with a simple Tadka Raita

Cheese and Spinach Onion Stuffed Paratha With Beetroot Raita

For the Cheese lovers, Cheese and Spring Onion Stuffed Parathas make a great breakfast dish with simple ingredients. This can be good for your kids lunch box too. Serve it along with Beetroot Raita to make the meal a wholesome one.

Ajwain Besan Ka Paratha With Mooli Raita

Ajwain Besan Ka Paratha is a paratha filled with spicy basic masalas which tastes best when served with Mooli Raita.

Whole Wheat Soya Keema Kulcha With Boondi Raita

The Whole Wheat Soya Keema Kulchas make a perfect breakfast that is packed with protein and rich Indian Flavors. Serve them with Boondi Raita with a cup of chai to end the meal.

Whole Wheat Beetroot Paratha With Avocado Raita

Lastly, we have the Whole Wheat Beetroot Paratha, that is filled with the goodness of beets and fibre from the whole wheat flour. The beet is boiled and blended to make a puree and then mixed with the dough. The best combination for this would be with Avocado Raita.