6 Mouth Watering Puri, Gravy & Raita Combinations For Your Weekend Brunch

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Weekend, two days everyone awaits! After a hectic 5 day schedule of going to work or getting everything done before your family members leaves for work or your kids go to school, everyone needs a break where they can relax and most importantly eat delicious food. We usually wait for weekends to make something special at home too and when the day comes, we are always in the dilemma about what to cook. Also, as these are relaxing days, we want to make something which can cover both our breakfast and lunch, which is popularly known as Brunch and does not take too much of our effort.

Therefore, we have lined up some mouthwatering and inviting Gravy, Puri and Raita combinations just for you. Hot hot puris along with delicious sabzi with rich gravy and a raita with a twist, we are sure everyone will love this meal in your family. We have included gravies from different regions of India, so that you can try recipes from different places and treat your friends and family. Full of flavour and aroma, these combinations are perfect for your weekend breakfast or if you have guests over for dinner.

1. Jaipuri Aloo Pyaaz Ki Sabzi, Puri & Boondi Raita

Jaipuri Aloo Pyaz Ki Sabzi Recipe is a semi curry made by frying the onions and potatoes in oil and simmered it with onion and tomato based gravy to give it a tangy and spicy flavor. The flavors blend well in this recipe as the translucent onion and roasted potatoes go well hand in hand. This curry tastes delicious with Puri and Boondi Raita.

2. Chole Pindi, Ajwain Puri & Palak Raita

The Chole Pindi Recipe is a very traditional recipe from the North India made from chickpeas that are spicy and tangy packed with flavors from ginger and lemon. Serve it with Ajwain puri where Puri is flavoured with ajwain and salt. Also Palak Raita goes really well with this combination.

3. South Indian Style Vegetable Kurma, Matar Ajwain Puri & Tadka Raita

South Indian Style Vegetable Kurma is a delicious mild flavored mixed vegetable curry that is usually paired with chapathi or poori. Wonderful aromatic spices are subdued with thick coconut paste and cashew paste to give it a rich creamy texture. Poppy seeds are must that goes into the kurma. Grind it with cashews to get a nice thick creamy paste. The flavor of poppy seeds in the kurma makes a lot of difference. Add a Tadka Raita to complete your meal.

4. Tamatari Chole, Achari Masala Puri & Tomato Onion Tadka Raita

In Tamatari Chole, the chickpeas are soaked up in a tangy spicy flavored curry. The addition of tomato chunks that are added into the curry also gives a different texture to this whole dish. Serve it with Achari Masala Puri and Tomato Onion Tadka Raita.

5. Amritsari Ajwaini Paneer, Palak Puri & Lauki Raita

Amritsari Ajwaini Paneer recipe is a delicious recipe from North India that has a rich gravy flavoured with delicate spices and ajwain. To give it an extra taste, serve it with Palak Puri and Lauki Raita.

6. Kasuri Methi Aur Aloo Rasedar, Matar Puri & Corn And Onion Raita

Kasuri Methi Aur Aloo Rasedar Recipe is an easy to make potato dish with the goodness of dried fenugreek leaves. It is spicy and tangy making it a perfect accompaniment to be had with parathas or puri's. To complete this delicious meal, serve it with Matar Ki Puri and Corn And Onion Raita.