6 Sugar-Free Recipes That Would End Your Sweet Cravings!

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All most all of us get those sweet cravings very often and we stop ourselves from eating sweets because of the sugar count in it. But today, we at Archana's Kitchen have come out with 6 delicious sugar free recipes that you can blindly eat without thinking about the sugar content. We have made good use of Dates, Honey, fruits like Apples and Banana, Prunes, Cranberries and Pomegranate seeds to add the sweetness to the dish.

You can make these recipes as a after dinner dessert when you have a family/friend dinner part at home or for your evening snacks with Chai. These are also considered healthy for the kids as there is a lot of nutrients that's come from the nuts, fruits, yogurt and Chia Seeds. 

Today we have Sugar Free Pineapple Dates Cake Recipe, Muesli Oats Cupcake Filled with Yogurt and Strawberries Recipe, Glazed Apples and Banana Wheat Crumb Tart Recipe, Muesli Peanut Butter Energy Bars Recipe,  and Baked Muesli Tart with Strawberry Yogurt and Chia Seeds Recipe. Hope you enjoy them.

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