6 Comforting North Indian Dal, Sabzi & Side Dish Meal Ideas

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Making a filling and nutritious meal can be a task sometime, with our busy and hectic schedules. Due to less time in the morning, we end up making a single sabzi for lunch that is not enough for our body. We should see that the food we are eating is fulfilling our daily nutrition intake. Therefore, we have lined up some delicious North Indian combinations that you can make for your everyday meals and even pack it for your Lunch Box. 

These combinations includes a high protein Dal, a nutritious and simple Sabzi with the choice of Puri, Paratha, Millet Roti or Phulka. You can also serve your choice of Raita/Curd or Salad with these meals to make it more nutritious.

Tips To Make These Meals For Your Weekday:

  • You can make the dough for Paratha, Phulka and Puri the previous night and keep it in the fridge.
  • Soak the dals an hour before or overnight, so that it takes less time to cook.
  • You can make some ingredients like tomato puree, ginger garlic paste, onion paste and store it in the fridge.
  • In the case of stuffed vegetables, you can make the masala the previous night and store it in the fridge.

So, try these tips and make these simple and satisfying North Indian Dal, Sabzi and Accompaniment combinations for your busy weekdays.

1. Horsegram Dal, Aloo Aur Mooli Ke Patton Ki Sabzi & Tawa Paratha

Horsegram Dal is a delicious Dal which is high in proteins and is perfect for your weekday. Serve it with Aloo Aur Mooli Ke Patton Ki Sabzi, which is a yummy combination of Potato and Radish Leaves and Tawa Paratha on the side. You can add Boondi Raita and Kachumber Salad to this meal.

2. Methi Moong Dal Palak, Karela Masala Sabzi & Ajwain Puri

Moong Dal with a twist of Methi Leaves is delicious and healthy too. Serve it with Karela Masala Sabzi, where Karela is cooked along with spicy masala and Ajwain Puri. You can add Burani Raita and Onion Tomato Mixed Bean Sprout Salad to this meal.

3. Green Moong Dal Makhani, Bhindi Masala & Whole Wheat Lachha Paratha

Everyone loves the Punjabi Makhani Dal! Isn't it? Well, then you should give this Green Moong Dal Makhani a try. Serve it with Bhindi Masala and Whole Wheat Lachha Paratha. You can add Lauki Raita and a simple Green Salad to this meal.

4. Punjabi Dal Tadka, Kaddu Simla Mirch Sabzi & Bajri Ki Roti

Punjabi Tadka Dal and Bajri Ki Roti is a delicious combination that you can't miss! Pair this with Kaddu Simla Mirch Ki Sabzi and you are sorted. You can add a bowl of Curd and Masala Khichia with this meal.

5. Dal Banjara, Bharwa Besan Mirch Sabzi & Phulka

If you are looking for a simple and satisfying meal, you can try this combination of Dal Banjara, Bharwa Besan Mirch Sabzi and Phulka. You can add Mooli Raita and Satvik Carrot Sprouts Salad to this meal.

6. Maa Ki Dal, Hare Tamatar Ki Sabzi & Methi Missi Roti

Maa Ki Dal is a comforting dal which is similar to Dal Makhani. Make this Dal along with Hare Tamatar Ki Sabzi and Methi Missi Roti. You can add Cucumber Tomato Corn Peanut Salad and Tadka Raita to this meal.