60 Gujarati Snacks You Can Make For Evening Tea Parties

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When we talk about main course, there are so many options which belongs to different regions from India. But what if you get hungry in between these heavy meals? The answer is snacks. We think this is the best way to satisfy your hunger when you are hungry in between the meals.

Well, just like our main course we have so many options for snacks from different regions of India. From Pakoras, Namkeen, Mathris, Dhoklas to many more, you can make many snack recipes that will satisfy your taste buds. But there is always a dilemma in what to make, especially when you have guest coming over for coffee/tea or you have a tea party in your house. Therefore, we have lined up some delicious and inviting snack recipes from Gujarati cuisine, which has all the important traits of delicious food i.e taste, flavour and aroma.

Khandvi and Dhokla are the two snacks that is widely made in almost all the Gujarati households and is also eaten for breakfast. But other than these two, there are many more Gujarati snacks that you can try jn your kitchen.

You can also experiment with these snacks and flavour them, so that you can surprise your guests with something new. For instance, you can flavour your regular Dhokla with spinach puree and make a green Dhokla which gets it taste and nutrition from the spinach. Just like this you can also use moong and other vegetables to make a Dhokla.

Therefore we have lined up some mouth watering Gujarati snacks that you can make for side dishes, appetisers, snacks or for your pot luck parties. You can also make this dishes for your breakfast with other food items such as Thepla, jalebi etc.