8 Spicy & Delicious Baby Potato Recipes That You Love

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Potato is one of those vegetables which is loved by one and all, whether it is a kid or an adult. While we can make many recipes out of it, here are a few delicious recipes that you can make using Baby Potatoes. These tiny treats of potatoes are easy to make and looks great on your serving plates too.

From gravies, side dishes to starters, baby potatoes can be made in different ways. No party is complete without a Potato starter and making a Baby Potato starter is great, as it requires less effort and tastes great. You can either stir fry it with different spices and serve as a starter or you can use it to make gravies or other side dishes. In addition to Indian, there are many International cuisines like Mexican, Chinese, Mediterranean, European, Italian, Sri Lankan and many more that use Baby potatoes in their recipes. It is versatile vegetable and can be experimented using different herbs and vegetables from different cuisines.

Try these delicious 8 Baby Potato recipes which you can easily make in your kitchen using the daily ingredients.