8 Bhurji Recipes You Will Love To Eat For Your Breakfast

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Egg Bhurji, one of the most common breakfasts that is prepared in almost every household and is eaten along with Bread Toast or Tawa Paratha. Egg Bhurji is the Indian version of Scrambled Eggs that is very popular all over the world for breakfast. In Egg Bhurji, eggs are scrambled and cooked along with onion, tomatoes and basic masalas. It takes very less time to prepare and thus perfect for your weekday breakfasts when you have less time due to your hectic schedules. 

But along with Egg Bhurjis, there are another Bhurjis too, which you can make for breakfast such as Paneer Bhurji and Soya Bhurji which tastes equally delicious. And it is also a great way to take a break from your regular Bhurji and treat your family with these delicious Bhurjis for breakfast. You can also pack these in your Lunch Box or make it for a light meal.

Other than these options, you can make these Bhurjis as a side dish with your meals. Pair them with Dal, Roti or Raita or a Curry, Salad and Paratha and you are sorted for your filling and comforting meals.

You can also add your favourite vegetables to these Bhurjis to make it more delicious and nutritious. It is also a great way to feed your kids those vegetables which they usually avoid eating. In Paneer, Tofu or Soya Bhurji, you just have to scramble these and cook it along with onion, tomato and basic masalas just like your Egg Bhurji. Easy, Isn't it?

So next time you want to make a mouth watering Bhurji for your Breakfast or other meals, do give one of these a try and let us know how you liked it?

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