8 Essential Dessert Sauces That Will Please Your Sweet Tooth

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As much as all of us like a lovely tasting meal, that's packed with flavours, spicy hot meals be it vegetables or meat, Indian or Continental, what we all like the most is that last course of the meal which is the sweet dish or dessert as we call it.  Something all of us look forward to, be it adults or kids. 

To elevate those simple desserts are these dessert condiments that take the simple plain desserts to yet another level, making it taste wow. 

 With different flavour profiles and textures, these sauces taste great when served not just with a scoop of ice cream but also make it a pat of a sundae or serve it alongside some nice freshly baked warm desert and you're good to go. 

A classic chocolate sauce or chocolate ganache, a rich creamy chocolate condiment to brown buttery caramel with a dash of sea salt to these fruit condiments like the plum sauce or fig compote or even a lovely peach coulis. 

Go ahead and make these condiments to be served at your dessert bar at the next party you host.