8 Most Amazing Things You Can Do With A Food Processor

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A lot of us who cook everyday like to optimize our time in the kitchen. When we have busy schedules of work, school and other chores, a lot of times we become dependent on the ready to eat foods which is very easy to prepare and get ready in no time. But what if you had a magical machine in your kitchen, that can chop, slice, knead, mince, puree in no time. Would this help you cook more often.

Today we want to share this wonder appliance with you and that is the Food Processor that will do magic in your kitchen.There are many kitchen appliances in the market to make your life easy but a food processor can do wonders. A food processor comes with different parts, along with various blades, which can help you do a lot of kitchen work in no time with just one appliance. So let's look at how a food processor can help us in the kitchen.

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1- Prepare Homemade Butters

Easily whip heavy cream, butter & cheese. It makes a great appliance to make nut butters like peanut butter, almond butter, walnut butter and more. Use these butters over sandwiches, toasts or even to make a dessert like Tiramisu.

2- Mincing & Grinding meat

Most often we get minced or ground meat from the market. But if we already have mutton in our fridge, you can simply use the food processor to grind the meat and mince it to the desired consistency. Just put it into the appliance and your meat will be ready in few minutes.

3- Homemade Pesto, Hummus, Chutneys & Sauces

Freshly made sauces and pestos are tastier and adds an amazing flavour to your food. With the help of this multi tasting appliance, you can prepare pestos, chutneys, sauces and even hummus in very less time. You can make them in large batches and freeze or refrigerate them for a longer use.

4- Curry Paste, Soups & Sauces

Many recipes from the Indian cuisine and around the world require gravies to make the curries. The food processor is a fantastic appliances that you can use to puree the soup, curry paste or even a sauce for the pasta. You just need to add all the ingredients in the jar and the curry paste will be ready in no time.

5- Slice, Chop, Shred Vegetables for Salads & Chips

With the food processor handy, making salads salads, a stir fry or air fryer chips become a breeze. You can slice, shred and chop large quantities of vegetables in minutes. There are various blades in the food processor that help you achieve this task.

6- Chopping Nuts and Preparing Bread Crumbs

How many of you struggle to chop nuts for your breakfast, milk, smoothie or a dessert. With a food processor in your kitchen, chopping the nuts, preparing crumbs from cookies and breads is done in seconds, making cooking in the kitchen a enjoyable experience.

7-Grating or Shredding Cheese

How long have to taken to shred a block of cheese for a gratin or a cheese sandwich? An hour at least? With a food processor handy in your kitchen, there is no more muscle power you need to use to shred or grate cheese. Simply use the right blade you need and whizz the cheese into the shape you like and you will have a grated cheese for using right away.

8- Dressings for Salads, Mayo & More

If you make salads everyday, won't it be lovely if you had a dressing ready in the refrigerator? The food processor, will help you with that in seconds. Simply add all the dressing ingredients and whip up a mayo or a salad and store in air tight jars in the refrigerator.

9 - Make Bread, Pasta, Pizza, Chapati (Roti) Dough

And the most important chore in the kitchen is making the dough everyday for our daily breads. Of Course it's a great finger and arm exercise to knead dough, but what if a wonder machine did it for you? Dont think more, the food processor along with the many of the above benefits, can whip up a dough in seconds for you. And you will simply love it for years to come.

Here are some the recipes where food processor can come in handy and help you in making everyday cooking quicker and easier.

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