8 Scrumptious Breakfast Ideas From Different States Of India

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Breakfast, meaning ‘breaking the fast’ is considered worldwide as the most important meal of the day. After a long period of resting, the body’s blood sugar needs a jumpstart and by consuming a wholesome breakfast, we provide our bodies with right amount of energy and nutrients for pursuing the activities for the day. It is important that we try and avoid eating processed or ready to make foods that are available in the market. A good and healthy breakfast meal can make or break your day.

 Indian Breakfast can be sweet or savoury, hot or cold depending on the region and the type of food that each region grows. In the north, wheat is a predominant grain while in the south rice is the grain of choice. This isn’t one breakfast item that defines India because each region has its own specialties. Some breakfasts are quick to make and some need preparation but Indians have always believed in making breakfast fresh and hot to have a great start to the day. Most of us are used to eating a breakfast as a stand-alone dish but with the nutrition being an important factor, we need take it upon ourselves to make breakfast a complete meal to have a brilliant start to the day.

So here’s a comprehensive collection of breakfast meal plates that we have created covering the length and breadth of India.

1. Punjabi Breakfast Meal Plan

Begin your royal Punjabi Breakfast with a Aloo Paratha, an honest to goodness potato filled flatbread accompanied with a Tomato Onion and Cucumber Raita, Aam ka Achaar and finish your Breakfast Meal with a Sweet Mint Lassi. This makes for a perfect start and will keep you going till lunch.

2. Bengali Breakfast Meal Plan

The first thought of a Bengali breakfast is the pillow-like, fried puffed breads Luchi made with all-purpose flour, served along with the delightfully spicy Aloo Dum and cleanse your palette with this Recipe of Homemade Rasgullas.

3. Andhra Breakfast Meal Plan

Make and salivate as you prepare and eat the Andhra Style Erra Kaaram Dosa Recipe along with a quintessentially Andhra chutney like Tamati Pachadi Recipe. Finish your breakfast with a filter coffee to fill you up to the brim and leave you wanting more.

4. Kerala Breakfast Meal Plan

What is a Kerala Breakfast without Appam, the classic rice and coconut milk crepe? Serve the yummy Appams with a traditional Kerala Kadala Curry Recipe or a Vegetable Stew. If you wanting to add eggs to your meal you can also try the Varutharacha Mutta Curry Recipe along with a piping hot cuppa Chai

5. Gujarati Breakfast Meal Plan

Gujarati food is no longer localised, as most of India love their food. From Theplas to Fafdas, it is popularized by its ease of availability or the way it is so convenient to carry it around during travel. Gujaratis have quite a sweet tooth but their savoury dishes are absolutely lip smacking. Make the most popular breakfast consumed is the Khaman Dhokla eaten along with a spicy Dhania Pudina Chutney.

6. Maharashtrian Breakfast Meal Plan

A typical Maharashtrian Breakfast meal has to include Thalipeet, highly nutritious and made with multiple lentils and spices which makes it’s a complete meal. Serve Thalipeet with Homemade Curd sprinkled with some chaat masala. Along with your Thalipeet serve a portion of another very Maharashtrian dish, Aloo Poha to make your breakfast a filling one.

7. Goan Breakfast Meal Plan

Idli is to Tamil Nadu as Sana is to Goa. These soft steamed rice cakes make for a very nice start to the day and serve it along with a Chicken or a Mutton curry to make it a wonderfully filling breakfast.

8. Tamil Nadu Breakfast Meal Plan

If there was one breakfast cuisine that is made across India, it has to be Tamil Nadu. With a variety to choose from make your Tamil Nadu Breakfast with a mini meal plate with Dosa, Idlis, Pongal, Vada, Coconut Chutney and Sambar or an assortment of these dishes. Do not forget to finish off your mini breakfast without a cup of Filter Coffee.