8 Timesaving Kitchen Appliances For Busy Moms

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At 6 AM in the morning, when rest of the world is still rising, cutting, chopping, whisking, and baking; this is how most mothers start their day with. The pressure cooker whistling for countless times, sounds of the utensils, kitchen full with mixed delectable aromas, this is how a typical morning kitchen scene is in most households and you mothers can identify yourself with it. As mothers, your constant effort is to pack healthy snack and lunch boxes for kids and optimize the efforts and save on time.

A kitchen stocked with a good selection of carefully chosen cookware and appliances is the starting point of efficient cooking. Begin by purchasing the best quality equipment that you can afford and you will be rewarded with the evenly cooked quick dishes, silky smooth soups prepared in less time for years to come. We have recommended a list of cookware and appliances which can help you save your time in the kitchen and at the same time inspire you to to cook more and also make your life in the kitchen happy. 

1. Kuzhi Paniyaram Pan

Paniyaram Pan Archanas kitchen
A paniyaran pan has cavities to cook paniyarams or appe. The versatile Paniyaram pan can help you to cook variety of Paniyaram recipes using the least amount of oil. Apart from Paniyarams you can make your favorite Kofta Curries and Vada's without deep frying, but instead pan frying using the Paniyaram Pan. So go ahead make the small investment for health and buy this pan.

The Recommended Pan To Buy: 12 Cavity Paniyaram Pan

2. Mini Uttapam Pan

Appliances For Bzmoms Miniuttapam Pan
A mini uttapam pan can be used to make mini pancakes and mini uttapams and mini chilas which will bring a smile on your kids’ faces. Shallow circular cavities on the pan make evenly cooked Uttapams, giving them a perfect shape to be packed into a kids snack box or even to be served at dinner parties. Go ahead and make these recipes of Pancakes and Uttapams with this wonder pan.

The Recommended Pan To Buy: Mini Uttapam Pan

3. Sandwich Maker With Grill

Nova sandwich maker grill Archanas kitchen
Sandwiches are healthy and nutritious snacks made with a variety of stuffing like potatoes, cheese, beans and more. Sandwich maker is a great way to pack your kids snack boxes quickly. With a little preparation with the stuffing, using the sandwich maker you can make your favorite sandwiches like Vegetable Sandwich With Avocado, Spicy Paneer Bhurji Pav Sandwich, Spinach And Soya Sandwich, Grilled Tomato Cheese Sandwich and more so you can enjoy your lunch box, breakfast or even a great weeknight dinner.

The Recommended Pan To Buy: Nova Sandwich Maker & Grill

4.Hand blender With Utilities

Ap Bzmoms philipshandblender
When you want to puree something quickly and if the mixture is too hot, you don’t need to wait till it cools down and is ready to go in a mixer grinder. You can use the hand blender even when the pan is still on the heat. Utilities like chopper are extremely useful in finely chopping onions and vegetables and even in making coarse ginger garlic paste. The beaker can be used in making Smoothies and Juices and anything that needs to be pureed like tomatoes too.

The Recommended Blender To Buy: Philips Hand Blender

5. Mandolin Slicer

Mandolin Slicer Archanas Kitchen
The idea of a mandolin is that it makes slicing firm foods easier and faster. With a little practice, one can slice a whole zucchini or an onion in about ten seconds. They are great to make vegetable and fruit slices, Julien vegetables, shredded vegetables and more.

The Recommended Mandolin Slicer To Buy: Cuisinart Mandolin Slicer

6. Rice Cooker

Ap Bzmoms Ricecooker
Rice cooker is great to use when you have multiple things to prepare. It’s electric so it just sits in a corner and cooks the rice, dal and vegetables perfectly with an auto switch off option. You can also steam vegetables for your Kadai Vegetable Sabzi, Vegetable Cutlet, Vegetable Pulao even as a simple steamed vegetables that can be served as a nutritious snack for weight watchers and kids.

The Recommended Rice Cooker To Buy: Panasonic Rice Cooker

7. Kitchen Food Scale

food scale archanas kitchen
Many recipes measure by grams rather than cups or spoons, so it makes sense to have a decent food scale on hand in order to accurately follow your recipes. Food scales also help you to cook the recipes much faster and eliminate approximation.

The Recommended Food Scale To Buy: Kitchen Food Scale

8. Electric Kettle

Electric Kettle Archanas Kitchen 2
Electric kettles are super efficient appliances that helps in boiling water in seconds. Right from making your Morning Coffee or Tea, to Hot Chocolates and even boiling water for various recipes that might require it, the Kettle can come in very handy when you are a busy mom working in the kitchen to get your work done quickly.

The Recommended Electric Kettle To Buy: Orpat Cordless Electric Kettle

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