9 Baking Tools Every Home Baker Needs

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Baking has become a hobby for many and it is so important to have the basic baking equipment. There are so many fancy baking equipments available in the market today, that it becomes a hard choice as which one we should own. Having said, we can bake with the most limited set of equipments and bring out a great product. When you are well equipped it will encourage you to bake more often.

There so many baking and cooking equipments in the market and it is essential that we own the most basic ones in order to start your journey in baking. Below are a few tools and equipments that will get you started.


1.Hand Blender

hand blender

They are an essential tool in your kitchen when it comes to baking. They help you in whipping the cream, beating eggs and mixing. They save your time than a normal whisk and you need not put much effort by doing them manually. If you prefer a normal whisk then it is better you go for a stainless steel one.

Recommended Appliance to Buy: Philips Daily Collection HR14569 300 - Watt Hand Mixer

2. Baking Sheet

baking sheet nordic

If you feel you are going to be a regular cookie person then this is the must. These baking sheets also come in use for our regular cooking as well. Heavy baking sheets are usually preferred as they tend to take the good heat and stay for a long time.

Recommended Appliance to BuyNordic Ware Baking Sheet

3. Measuring Cup

measuring cups

Measuring cups are essential to measure dry ingredients like flour and sugar. When you are asked to add 2 cups of any dry ingredient these measuring cups come in help than the normal cups which we use, we are not sure about what quantity our cups serve.

Recommended Appliance to Buy: Yangli And Retails Set Of 5 Pieces Multicolor Kitchen Cooking Baking Measuring Spoons Cups 

4. Measuring Spoon

measuring spoon

We often get confused with teaspoon and tablespoon, these measuring spoon help in those cases where the accurate amount can be used. You have all measurements right from 1/4 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon sets.

Recommended Appliance to Buy: Okayji 5 Pieces Multicolor Measuring Spoons

5. Mixing Bowl

Steel Mixing Bowls

Mixing bowls are important equipment, you will need a large bowl made out of glass for a clear view. They just don't come in help for baking alone but for other as well. Flat base and deep bowls are mostly preferred because the mixing becomes very easy in them. Check for the rim as well because it should be easy to pour the batter out of the bowl.

Recommended Appliance to Buy: Steel Mixing Bowls - Set of 3

6. Cooling Rack

cooling rack

These are used to cool cookies and cakes after they are baked and also they can be used for frosting. They mostly come in stainless steel material but the sizes vary. Go for the one that best suits your requirement. A cake needs a good amount of time to rest if we place them on a plate the lower portion tends to be a bit moist so the cooling rack is another essential appliance for baking.

Recommended Appliance to Buy: Wilton Non Stick Cooling Rack

7. Baking Tins

baking tins

You have a variety of baking tins in different shape and size. Make sure the one which you are getting is heavy and the edges are good. It would be right to go for silver ones over black ones as these colored tin tend to absorb more heat. Before you purchase one you got to keep in mind the quantity you will be using, as there is a wide range in it. See to that you also have a removable bottom so that you're cake comes out easily without any struggle.

Recommended Appliance to Buy: Okayji Tong Da 3Pc Non-Stick Springform Cake Pan, Baking Tray, Round

8. Spatula & Pastry Brush

spatula pastrybrush

Pastry brush is a must tool in your kitchen, it is mainly used to give egg wash and also to dust the extra icing from your cake. It helps the cake to absorb milk, egg or sugar syrup easily by just brushing with the pastry brush. Spatulas are important to fold, stir and reach till the bottom of the bowl. It is handy when you have transfer the batter. Silicone spatulas are the most comfortable ones as they clear the bowls by moving all over them. They also come in great help while icing the cake.

Recommended Appliance to Buy:  Pastry Brush & Spatula

9. Sieve

seive baking

A sieve is the most important and available one in everyone's home. A sieve is used separate the flour from the big granules present in them so that the cake has the finest powder. It can also be used to decorate cake by using icing sugar or chocolate cake.

Recommended Appliance to BuyClytius 4in1 Stainless Steel Interchangeable Sieve

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