9 Delicious Middle Eastern Recipes For A Special Weekend Dinner

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Weekends are ideal to take out time from our busy lives to catch up with friends and family. And a Saturday night get together can never go wrong given the added advantage of not having to worry about work the following morning.

Having said that, we realise how stressful it can get when you are the one hosting a dinner. We can relate to your obsession with making sure everything is perfect for your guests, right from entertainment to food and beverages, but with food being the utmost priority!

So to make things a little more manageable for you, he have put together a list of some amazing Lebanese recipes for your great weekend spread!

Lebanese is the most popular amongst all the Middle Eastern Cuisines. Lebanese food is delicious, tempting and loved world over and is a perfect blend of flavours and aroma.

Try these recipes for your weekend dinner, we're sure your guests will love them!