9 Mouth-Watering Fish Curry Recipes From The Bengali Kitchen

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Craving for drool-worthy non-veg recipes to dig into? How does shallow fried fish fillets or fish curry with delicious gravy sound? Fish is considered as a healthy meat owing to its high protein content. There are stories that eating fish everyday sharpens brain and prolongs concentration. Few fishes like salmon are also rich in antioxidants which helps keep us young by maintaining healthy tissues in our body.

Indian fish recipes are very popular in world fish recipes. Bengali is one such cuisine most popular for its fish recipes. Fish is cooked in water, steamed, roasted or deep fried and then combined with various spices to form delicious tasting dishes. Most of the fish recipes from Bengali cuisine are served as side dishes with abundant local rice or parathas. Some recipes are characterised with poppy seeds paste in addition to spices or some of them are predominant with coconut milk, yogurt or mustard. Below are such mouth-watering fish preparations from Bengali kitchen specially brought for you. Enjoy lunch or dinner with steamed rice and tawa parathas or any of your favourite paratha and a dollop of ghee.

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