71 Fruity Desserts That You Will Absolutely Relish For Parties & Dinners

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Talk about food, and the first thing that comes to our mind are the various flavour profiles. While some of us like the savoury bit of it, the rest of us have that sweet tooth. While our appetizers and main course dishes are all savoury, it's needless to say that the desserts are all sweet.

Most of us, look forward to our desserts, more than anything else. We love the sweet endings, where our desserts vary from cheesecakes to trifles, pies to tarts and crumbles, panna cottas to puddings.

Yet again as much, many of us love chocolate and coffee, there is a larger chunk of us who absolutely desserts made of fruits. Using fresh fruits to make desserts is always a great idea. Seasonal fruits like mangoes, strawberries, lychees, custard apples, oranges when combined with dessert ingredients like cream cheese, whipped cream, sugar, and vanilla extract to name a few.

Using fruits in desserts, not just lends colour to the dessert but also the strong natural flavours of the fruit itself. You can use these fruits in the form of chunks, purees, juices or any other form that will give you a better output of your dessert. Garnishing with fresh fruits, enhances the aesthetic appeal of the dessert, making it visually attractive.

So go out there, and try these fruity desserts to serve your family and friends.

1. Baked Fruit Desserts

2. Set Fruit Desserts

3. Frozen Fruit Desserts

4. Other Fruit Desserts