17 Indulgent Warm Dessert Recipes Perfect After A Delicious Meal

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What's a chilly windy evening, while you watch it rain outside your window, snuggled up with your quilt, with socks and a sweater on, while watching Netflix, no points of guessing that all that's really missing here is a sinful bowl of decadent saucy dessert right out of the oven, served to you with a scoop of ice cream.  

That feeling when you bite into a spoon of smooth, warm dessert, and then the cold ice cream that hits you, a perfect combination of hot and cold.  Well, you can always skip the ice cream if you wish to, you can instead serve it along with a warm sauce like chocolate sauce  or caramel sauce instead. 

So here is a compilation of desserts you can put out, not just during the monsoon but during winters as well, from bread puddings to souffles and from apple pie to waffles and churros, you can't afford to miss out on trying out any of these desserts really.