16 Delicious Hariyali Indian Non Veg Recipes You Must Try | Green Non Veg Curries

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We have so many different cuisines from different states in India, each and every dish so flavourful and full of taste. But to include them in our daily diet, we must see that the dish we are including in our daily food includes the nutrients required for our everyday routine. Also we have to see that we are not making the same thing again and again, so that our family doesn't get bored of it and enjoys the food while we sit to eat.

Non Veg Items such as Chicken and Fish are rich in protein but when included with other items, we also get other necessary nutrients required for our body. Therefore, here we have lined up some Non Veg recipes which has greens in it. By Greens, we mean the leafy vegetables such as Spinach, Fenugreek Leaves, Coriander Leaves, Curry Leaves etc which are rich in Iron and thus good to include in our daily diet and also a great way to feed greens to our children.

These Green Non Veg dishes are also great to serve during your house parties because they are healthy and delicious at the same time and your guests will love it as it is something new. There are many dishes such as Palak Chicken, Curry Leaves Chicken which are becoming popular in restaurants too. Curry Leaves Chicken is a starter which is popular and can be found in most of the South Indian restaurants. These greens adds a refreshing flavour to the curries and makes them even more delicious. 

Also if you have some leftover Green curries or Fry, use them to make your Pulavs and Biryanis and we are sure you and your family will love the taste, flavour and freshness it brings to your dish. So, what are you waiting for? Next time, you want to make a Non Veg dish at home, do try one of these dishes and let us know how you liked it?