Here Is A Delicious Continental Dinner - Mushroom Stroganoff, Herbed Rice & Fish Fingers

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Here's a delectable and easy to make Continental meal plate for you which includes Mushroom Stroganoff, Per Peri Fish Fingers along with Buttered Herbed Rice. Mushroom Stroganoff is inspired from a famous russian dish called 'Beef Stroganoff'. In this recipe, Mushroom is cooked along with other vegetables like carrots, beans and corn in a creamy sauce.

Along with it, we have Peri Peri Fish Fingers, where the popular fish fingers are mixed with spicy Peri Peri Masala. This is a good addition to the plate, as Fish is a good source of protein.

Mushroom Stroganoff is served on the bed of Buttered Herbed Rice which adds an extra flavour to it. To end the meal you can serve make some desserts like No Bake Oreo Chocolate Tart, No Bake Fudge Brownies, Mocha Panna Cotta etc.

  • 1. Mushroom Stroganoff Recipe

    Beef Stroganoff is a delicious curry dish which is very popular dish in Russia, therefore we have made a vegetarian version for the same using Mushrooms.

    In Mushroom Stroganoff, the recipe is a simple stir fry of mushroom and other vegetables like carrot, beans and baby corn which is cooked along with a sauce which is creamy and is flavoured with mild spices like dried herbs.

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  • 2. Peri Peri Fish Fingers Recipe

    Fish Fingers, aperfect snack for your house parties. It is also good for your health as it is rich in protein. Well, everyone makes the usual fish fingers but here, we have given it a spicy twist by adding the Peri Peri masala.

    In Peri Peri fish fingers, the fish fingers are coated three times with seasoned flour, egg and then the crumb which gives it a crispy and crunchy texture. Once the fish fingers are fried, they are tossed well with a spicy peri peri masala, which takes these fish fingers to another level.

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  • 3. Buttered Herbed Rice Recipe

    To pair with Mushroom Stroganoff, we have prepared a delicious and simple to make rice dish, Buttered Herbed Rice.

    In this recipe, rice is sauteed with garlic, basil leaves, parsley, oregano and red chilli flakes giving it a delectable taste. In the end, black pepper powder is added to the rice to make it more flavourfull.

    You can also serve Steamed Rice along with gravy, as it tastes equally good.