A Kerala Meal You Love: Meen Vevichathu,Pumpkin Erissery, Moru Kachiyathu, Arisi Payasam

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 Comfort food is something we all love. Be it specific to our cuisine like dal chawal, mac and cheese, or just simple thayir sadam. This one is one such meal, kottayam fish curry rice, served with matta rice, a side of pumpkin erissery, moru kachiyathu, condiments like salt and pickle and not to forget the sweet dish of chemba arisi payasam. 

There's nothing to love in this meal, each of these dish have distinct flavours and textures of their own. 

The meal is packed with nutrients, with the healthy fillet of seer fish, fiber rich matta rice, even the payasam for that matter is made using red rice, coconut milk and sweetened with jaggery. 

It's great to serve this meal when you have family and friends over.  You can choose to make the meal vegetarian if you choose to. 

The joy of serving this traditional meal cooked with so much love on a banana leaf, and eating that meal with hands, leaving you licking your fingers and as=bsolutely satisfied, are those little joys in life, that one shouldn't miss out on. 

Above all, it's the food that brings you together, and the family bonds over it.