Are Ice Creams & Frozen Desserts the Same?

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Have you walked into a store and found a packet of frozen dessert? And when you tasted it, did it taste similar to an ice cream? Are they different? Well, the answer is yes and no.

Both of them taste amazing and have the same texture, so how do we conclude saying this is frozen dessert is not the same as ice cream? Just pick up a tub of frozen dessert and a tub of ice cream and you will be able to tell the difference by reading the product label.

Frozen desserts are a recent invention and have taken over ice cream in the  recent times. In many countries they are called by similar names, but in India, by law ice creams that do not use fat from dairy sources are required to be called ‘frozen desserts’.  Both of these varieties are loved by many who look for a sweet treat after a special meal.  They both are not only delicious on the palate but can also satisfy the mind. 

Here is how to distinguish between an Ice Cream & Frozen Dessert. Let’s take a look at ice cream first. Ice creams usually contain milk solids, milk fat, sugar, colour, flavor and they are high in calories.

Frozen desserts contain goodness of milk, in the form of milk solids, milk protein and vegetable oil/fat.

The vegetable oil is known to contain much lower amounts of `bad’ saturated fat and contains zero cholesterol and trans fat content. Hence the Frozen Desserts are believed be low in fat and a healthier option to ice creams which have high fat and calorie content.

Do ensure you read the labels behind these packs of ice creams or frozen desserts. If they contain hydrogenated vegetable oil also known as Dalda or Vanaspati, then you might want to avoid consuming these products.

Make a note that a vegetable oil is different from hydrogenated vegetable oil - which becomes high in saturated & trans fat.

In India as per FSSAI packaging and labeling regulations, the food, in which hydrogenated vegetable fats or bakery shortening is used shall declare on the label that ‘hydrogenated vegetable fats or bakery shortening used- contains trans fats’.

Do look out for these words on the package if you want to avoid consuming products that contain hydrogenated vegetable oil/fat. So next time if you want identify whether you are eating an ice cream or a frozen dessert just flip the box or cover and check the label that shall clarify your doubt on the dessert which you are eating.

And if you feel frozen desserts are better option then definitely have a look and purchase the right one

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