Awe-Inspiring Meal With 6 Apt Combos Of Parsi Side Dishes

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Parsis are known for their love for food, music and adaptability. Parsi recipes have a varied taste of sweet in hot & savoury dishes. They spend hours of time cooking exorbitant recipes for feast and special occasions. Due to the Iranian roots, coconut is considered as an exotic ingredient and is a part of occasional recipes and ceremonies. Parsi garam masala, Dhansak masala, and sambhar masala is extensively used in the Parsi kitchens. The sweetish taste in their recipes is attributed to various forms of sugar and palm sugar, cardamom, rose water, nutmeg, clove and cinnamon.

Most of the ingredients used in Parsi recipes are similar to that of North India. But the way in which the food is cooked makes a whole lot of difference to the recipe. Parsi cuisine is predominant with eggs and non-vegetarian recipes, besides dairy based paneer, milk and vegetables. For an exhaustive Indian meal, one needs to cook main course of Indian bread or steamed cereal like rice and pair them with a gravy recipe and a dry sabzi recipe. We have handpicked the Parsi dry sabzi/accompaniment and gravy recipes to make a complete meal.

Combo-1: Vegetable Dhansak, Chaas Payelo Sakarkand & Kheema Pulao

Make Vegetable Dhansak Recipe which has characteristic dhansak masala and is a gravy dish. Parsi Style Chaas Payelo Sakarkand Recipe is a very simple caramelized sweet potatoes recipe that goes well along. Slow cooked Mutton mince is then layered with basmati long grain rice and garnished with dry fruits, saffron and eggs to prepare Shehenshahi Parsi Kheema Pulao Recipe. Make simple Cucumber Green Chilli Raita for sides.

Combo-2: Tarkari Ni Kari, Baingan Capsicum Salan & Matar Paneer Kulcha

Tarkari Ni Kari Recipe is a Parsi Style Vegetable Curry which is semi gravy and the use of tomatoes, chillies and  tamarind gives it a mild sweet, spicy and  tangy taste. Parsi Style Baingan Capsicum Ka Salan Recipe is a comfort food made with vegetables and it is tossed with the authentic dhansak masala. Pair them with Matar Paneer Kulcha and Corn And Onion Raita for sides.

Combo-3: Ringan Ravaiya, Amrood Ni Kari & Palak Naan

Ringan Ravaiya Recipe is the Parsi Style Stuffed Eggplant gravy dish. Amrood Ni Kari Recipe is a Dry Guava Curry Recipe which pairs well with the eggplant in gravy. Scoop them up with Whole Wheat Palak Naan Recipe and make Makhana Ka Raita for sides.

Combo-4: Lagan Sara Istew, Patra Ni Machi & Pudina Laccha Paratha

Parsi Style Lagan Sara Istew Recipe (Rich Sweet Assorted Vegetable Curry Recipe) is a gluten free, rich stew filled with assorted vegetables. Patra Ni Machi is the fish cooked in banana leaf and the flavour that seeps into the fish due to the cooking in banana leaf is amazing. Have them along with Pudina Lahsun Laccha Paratha. Make Papad Raita Recipe for sides

Combo-5: Marghi Na Farcha, Dahi Ma Bheeda & Buttered Herbed Rice

Marghi Na Farcha Recipe is made with a masala marination paste makes this Parsi fried chicken unique and delicious. It sides well with Buttered Herbed Rice Recipe and Dahi Ma Bheeda Recipe which is Parsi Style Okras Cooked In Yogurt Recipe. You can make Sweet & Spicy Coriander Tadka Raita for side.

Combo-6: Khoresht Bademjan, Tooria Per Eda & Butter Garlic Naan

Persian Eggplant Stew Recipe or Khoresht Bademjan is made with eggplant, tomatoes and Parsi spices. Ghee Tooria Per Eda Recipe which is Parsi Style Ridge Gourd With Fried Eggs. Make Butter Garlic Naan Recipe for Indian bread recipe for main meal to scoop the Parsi side dishes along with Angoor Raita Recipe.