Ayurvedic Meal Of Chal Kopi, Lau Die Tetor Dal And Rice Is Perfect For Your Weekday Meal

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AYURVEDA is considered the oldest science that focuses on general wellness of an individual. Eating the right kind of food is the key to your overall well being and so here we have a delicious, healthy, ayurvedic meal plate of Chal Kopi, Lau Die Tetor Dal, Rice & Salad. These dishes are Bengali and are cooked in an ayurvedic way to provide maximum nutrition and benefits to you.

Ayurveda recommends the use of green chillies as opposed to the use of dry red chillies. It also recommends Fresh ingredients, Seasonal fruits and Vegetables and the use of ingredients which are easily digestible by the body. Eating at the right time is also essential and lunch should be your biggest meal as it gives our body time to digest the meal. 

In this Ayurvedic Meal Plate, we have made Chal Kopi which is made from stir fried cauliflower and rice cooked with aromatic masalas. This dish is usually made on special occasions. The use of whole spices and cumin seeds makes this Chal Kopi more digestible. 

It is served along with Lau Die Tetor Dal, which is made with moong dal and vegetables like bitter gourd and bottle gourd and is a part of Bengalis everyday meals. These two are served along with Steamed Rice and Salad to make this meal complete. Make this Ayurvedic meal and let us know how you liked it?