Baby & Toddler Meal Ideas: Curd Rice, Carrot Poriyal & Keerai Kootu

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All mothers think about what to feed their babies, how nutritious can they make it and the biggest question of all - Will my baby like it? Since Babies/ Toddlers are new to the world of food, they are more or less open to try anything.

Around the time they are 10 months old, babies want to pop everything in sight into their mouths. So, that's the time we as mothers have to think about introducing them to a variety of homemade baby foods that have different tastes, colours and textures that is part of the cuisine. 

At Archana's Kitchen, are coming to you with meal suggestions for babies that includes not just one single meal but a whole plate of it so that, the meal itself takes care of all the nutrition that your baby will need to stay active and healthy. 

Here's are a few Indian Baby Food Recipes that you can serve together as a meal to you babies or toddlers who are over the age of 10 months. 

This meal plate consists of Curd Rice, Carrot Sabzi/Poriyal and Keerai Kootu or Palak Dal - Each of these dishes are baby friendly and also made delicious by the addition of baby friendly ingredients. Keerai or Palak is rich in iron, calcium and other trace vitamins and minerals that are essential for you baby's toddler's growth. Carrots, add colour and are rich in Vitamin A that aids in improvement of eyesight and boosts the immune system. Curd is an excellent natural probiotic that will be help keep your toddler's gut hale and healthy. 

Note : Your baby may or maynot eat the entire meal, but it is important to introduce her/him to the meal as a whole. Start with small quantities and then slowly graduate to a plate with multiple food items.

  • 1. Curd Rice Thayir Sadam (Dahi Bhaat) - For Babies & Toddlers Over 10 Months

    Here's a classic Indian recipe of Curd Rice, also known as Thayir Sadam or Dahi Bhaat; it makes a perfect meal to start off with for babies/toddlers who are 10 months and above. It is a general agreement that all babies/toddlers love curd/dahi. So make this easy Baby food and serve it along with vegetables for a wholesome baby meal!

  • 2. Carrot Poriyal/Sabzi for Babies and Toddlers 10 Months and Above

    The bright colours of carrot along with the mild flavours of cumin seeds in butter makes this a delicious vegetable accompaniment for your baby's meals. Like every meal that we have as adults, it is important that even Indian baby meals have poriyals or sabzis as a side dish in the meal.

  • 3. Milagu Keerai Poricha Kootu Recipe - Palak And Moong Dal Kootu

    This keerai kootu or palak dal curry is a mildly spiced side dish that can be introduced to babies who are being introduced to table food.

    Palak has innumerable nutritious benefits that are essential to their growth, therefore essential to start feeding your baby/toddler this delicious kootu. 

    You can slightly alter the recipe by reducing the spice level and using less oil for the seasoning there by making a baby friendly food.