Beat the coming winters with these 10 delicious soups

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Winters are arriving and the best thing about the cold and cozy season is its food. Piping hot food, blanket and TV, what else you need in winters. Right? Well, during winters we are always confused about what to make during week nights that can give us a relief from the chilled weather. We have the answer! When the temperatures drop and the days get shorter, nothing hits the spot like a bowl of warm soup. They are healthy, delicious and also helps you to lose weight easy to make. 

There are different types of soup as it varies from cuisine to cuisine. From Indian, Italian to Mexican, every cuisine has a variety of soups which can be easily made for your entire family with just few ingredients.

Stay warm and nourished with these lip smacking hot soups that will surely help you warm. Here we have lined up recipes of few Soup recipes that you can make in your kitchen for the cold and cozy nights.

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