Belagavi Style Kunda Recipe (Terati Pal / Kalakand)

Reduced milk solids sweetened with sugar and enriched with cashewnuts to create comforting dessert for your dessert craving.

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Belagavi Style Kunda Recipe (Terati Pal / Kalakand)

Belegavi Style Kunda Recipe is a sweet popularly made in Belegav (Karnataka) that got influenced from Rajasthan. The sweet has an incidental story on how it got originated. One day when “Jakku Marwadi” put milk to boil, he forgot to turn off the heat. As a result the milk boiled over for a long time and got reduced. When he realized this he tasted the milk and felt it was quite sweet so he added some more khova to the milk and created a sweet and called it Kunda.

It is called in different names in various languages as the processes of making it may slightly vary. It is called as “Terati Pal” in Tamil Nadu and in north India it is also called as “Kalkand”.

Serve the Belagavi Style Kunda Recipe after a light meal of Bisibelebath or as a festival dessert along with jamun. 

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Cuisine: Karnataka
Course: Dessert
Diet: Vegetarian
Prep in

0 M

Cooks in

45 M

Total in

45 M


4 Servings


  • 2 liters Milk
  • 1 cup Yogurt (Curd)
  • 1 cup Sugar
  • 1 teaspoon Cardamom Powder
  • 10 Cashew nuts
  • 5 tablespoons Ghee

Directions for Belagavi Style Kunda Recipe (Terati Pal / Kalakand)

  1. To begin making the Belagavi Style Kunda Recipe heat the milk in a sauce pan. Add 1/2 the quantity of sugar and leave it to boil till it has reduced to its half the quantity.

  2. Make sure you keep stirring and leave it on low heat. In another pan heat the sugar and allow it melt and then caramelize. Make sure you do not burn the sugar.

  3. Add this caramel to the reduced milk that is boiling. Add curd and cardamom powder. Keep stirring and you will see that milk will start to curdle.

  4. Allow it to evaporate all the water and stir continuously till it combines together.

  5. Add chopped cashew nuts and ghee mix till the color changes to golden brown.

  6. Serve the Belagavi Style Kunda Recipe after a light meal of Bisibelebath or as a festival dessert along with jamun.

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