Bendakaya Noo Podi Kura Recipe - Ladies Finger With Sesame Spice Powder

Bendakaya Noo Podi Kura Recipe is a Bhindi Sabzi/Curry cooked along with a spicy and nutty flavours of sesame seeds, red chillies and tempered with urad dal and chana dal for the crunch in every bite. Serve it as a side dish with Sambar and Rice.

Anusha Mallajosyula
Bendakaya Noo Podi Kura Recipe - Ladies Finger With Sesame Spice Powder
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Spicy and nutty, Bendakaya Noo Podi Kura Recipe is an aromatic bhindi dry sabzi that is simple to make yet great in flavour. Sauteed bhindi cooked with sesame powder; this homely no fuss recipe is simple and quick to make with everyday ingredients.

Here's a great way to enjoy the all-time favourite vegetable bhindi. 

Above all, the dish is low in calorie and the fascinating aroma won't make you feel that you are eating a low calorie food. With an interesting tadka, this curry is soft and crunchy at the same time.

Serve Bendakaya Noo Podi Kura along with Mixed Vegetable Sambar, Steamed Rice and Chickpea And Peanut Salad for a complete weekend meal.

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Cuisine: Andhra
Course: Side Dish
Diet: Vegetarian
Prep in

5 M

Cooks in

15 M

Total in

20 M


2 Servings


  • 250 grams Bhindi (Lady Finger/Okra)
  • 2 teaspoons Oil
  • Salt , to taste
  • For tempering 
  • 1 teaspoon Oil
  • 1 teaspoon Chana dal (Bengal Gram Dal)
  • 1 teaspoon White Urad Dal (Split)
  • For the spice powder
  • 2 tablespoons Sesame seeds (Til seeds)
  • 2 Dry Red Chillies

How to make Bendakaya Noo Podi Kura Recipe - Ladies Finger With Sesame Spice Powder

  1. To begin making the Bendakaya Noo Podi Kura, we have to first wash the bhindi. 

  2. Always select tender bhindi as it cooks fast and tastes great. Wash and pat dry bhindi. Cut into bite size pieces.

  3. Make sure the bhindi is free of water and is dry before cutting. Else, it will be very sticky while cooking.

  4. In a pan on medium to low heat, dry roast sesame seeds and red chillies until sesame seeds turn golden.

  5. Cool this mixture completely and pulse grind into a smooth powder. Don't over grind as the sesame seeds gives out oil and turns into a paste. 

  6. In the same pan, heat 2 teaspoons of oil, add bhindi pieces and cook until the Bendakaya is soft.

  7. Add salt and the prepared sesame spice powder after the bhindi is completely cooked and mix gently. Add little more oil if the bhindi turns out to be sticky. Once done, turn off the flame. 

  8. Heat a teaspoon of oil in tadka pan. Once the oil is hot, add chana dal and urad dal and saute until the dals turn aromatic and golden. Turn off the heat

  9. Pour this tempering on top of the Bendakaya Noo Podi Kura and give it a mix. It is ready to be served.

  10. Serve Bendakaya Noo Podi Kura along with Mixed Vegetable Sambar, Steamed Rice and Chickpea And Peanut Salad for a complete weekend meal. 

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