Benefits Of Edible Seeds And 16 Ways To Use Them In Daily Food

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Seeds are the small pockets of energy and a storehouse of nutrients that the plant manufactures to help it reproduce. As a rule of thumb, many plants with edible plant parts, with seeds as a mode of multiplication have edible seeds. Apart from major cereals and pulses like rice, wheat, corn, beans, nuts, spices and dals, there are umpteen plant seeds that are edible. Some edible seeds are lesser known for their culinary value and are sparsely used in everyday diet. Some of these beneficial edible seeds can be eaten raw, some are roasted or cooked and then consumed.

Seeds included in day-to-day food have many health benefits that are lesser known. Knowing those qualities help in resorting to ways to include them in your diet. Here are 8 benefits that the edible seeds have:

  1. Seeds are the direct vegetarian doses of protein. Most of the seeds like melons (watermelon, muskmelon, cantaloupe), chia, jackfruit, lotus and sunflower have proteins of 2-6%.
  2. Seeds have high Vitamin C in them that boosts the natural immunity against commonly occurring diseases and ailments.
  3. Minerals like magnesium, phosphorus and potassium in seeds helps maintain a healthy blood pressure.
  4. Chia seeds, melon and flax seeds have maximum fiber and help in healthy digestive system.
  5. The seeds rich in fiber also provide less carbs, aiding in weight loss without draining you out of energy.
  6. Melon seeds, lotus and jackfruit seeds also has proven benefits in case of insomnia (sleeplessness), depression and migraine (melon seeds specially).
  7. Beneficial enzymes in seeds like lotus, chia and melons help in maintaining tissue elasticity, delays aging symptoms.
  8. Edible seeds like melons and sunflower have only unsaturated fats and omega 3, which are rather good for cardiovascular health, reducing the chances of being prone to heart attacks.

Apart from these benefits, roasted seeds provide a nice and healthy snack option during cravings for lesser healthy foods. Also, there are numerous recipes that are prepared with seeds. Include these recipes and innovate yourself to reap all the benefits that the seeds are bestowed with!