Best Of 2015: 39 Indian Vegetarian Cuisine Recipes

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Here's a flavourful round up of some of the best Indian Vegetarian Recipes from the last year alone. Spanning all the requisite essentials -- appetisers, main course including curries, dals, vegetables, breads, rice, festive sweets and mithai, breakfast, street food and evening snacks - this list is a great place to bookmark your favourites, or catch up on the delicious updates you may have missed out on.

Mark out your favourites, pick a new recipe compilation for everything you want to make in 2016, revamp your breakfast, lunch and dinner menus in the coming year, with a host of delicious Indian cuisine recipes

Appetisers And Snacks

Main Course: Dals And Curries

Main Course: Vegetables

Main Course: Breads And Rice

Sweets And Mithai


Evening Snacks And Street Food