Black Rice & Wild Rice: Are They Same Or Different?

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Black rice is the deep dark short grain variety of rice that is originated from China and Asia. Black rice is sweetish to taste and has a nutty feel about its texture. Black rice was available only for the members of the royal family for a long period. As people realized the potential benefits of eating black rice, is when the black rice was grown commercially and common people also were given access.

Wild rice/black rice is a wild variety of semi-aquatic glass which is native to America and Canada and genetically differs from rice varieties. The plant grows in shallows of lakes and slow rivers. Traditionally, people go boating in canoes and thresh the grains with knockers (sticks). This way, there are enough grains that fall back to the water to regrow into new plants. Wild rice is now cultivated in various countries in waterlogged soils after their nutrition and culinary uses were researched well.

Nutritional Benefits

Both wild rice and black rice have a great nutritional value with the protein, B complex, minerals, folate, and antioxidants, promote a healthy heart and lesser carbohydrates. In addition, gluten-free black rice has the highest amount of anthocyanin. Anthocyanin can reduce inflammation and make us less prone to viral infections. Also, anthocyanin is also known to reduce the risk of cancer.

Culinary use of Black Rice and Wild Rice

Black rice is used in main course recipes. Black rice can be used as a substitute for white rice, red rice and brown rice in the daily diet. Various pulao, biryani, kheer or plain cooked form of black rice is good to taste. With its distinctive flavour and colour, this definitely adds to your daily bowl of nutrition. Cooking black rice takes a longer time since the black rice needs to be soaked in water for one hour to several hours. Remember to cook till you feel the grain has the consistency you desire.

One can grind it and coat the deep fried veggies and meat, or put to desserts or snacks. Black rice can also be used for bread, noodles, or cakes. Include them in stir fries, soups, burrito or pilaf. Having 1/4 cup cooked black rice a day is beneficial for everyone irrespective of gender and age.

Wild rice/ black rice needs more time to be cooked that regular rice. Hence, one of the recommended ways to cook it is in a rice cooker since the rice cooker automatically pops off after wild rice is cooked. Cooking a cup of wild rice yields about 3-4 cups when cooked. Wild rice is nice and chewy layered even after cooking them and has a unique smoky flavour that takes the recipes made with it a notch higher. Include them in various salads, sweet or savory preparations to reap all the benefits of this super food. Here are a few of the recipes that can be cooked with wild rice/black rice.