Classic Apple Pie Recipe (Stars in the Galaxy)

Apple Pie is one of the most classic and vintage dessert of all times and is enjoyed with Vanilla ice cream.

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Classic Apple Pie Recipe (Stars in the Galaxy)
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Apple Pie is one of the most classic and vintage dessert of all times. Especially prepared during Autumn and Holiday season, these pies are one of the most delightful treat eaten best when warm accompanied by Vanilla ice-cream.

Serve Classic Apple Pie along with Grilled Tofu Spinach/Lettuce Sandwich and Espresso Coffee for your next tea party. 

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Cuisine: Continental
Course: Dessert
Diet: Vegetarian
Equipments Used: Convection Microwave Oven
Prep in

25 M

Cooks in

15 M

Total in

40 M


4 Servings


    For the crust
  • 2 cups Vivatta Maida
  • 1 cup Butter (Salted) , frozen
  • 1 cup Sugar , powdered
  • 2 tablespoon Water , ice cold
  • For the Apple filling
  • 6 Apples , chopped finely
  • 1 teaspoon Cinnamon Powder (Dalchini)
  • 1 teaspoon Nutmeg powder
  • 2 Lemon , Juice
  • 4 tablespoon Brown Sugar (Demerara Sugar)
  • 2 tablespoon Sugar
  • Mint Leaves (Pudina) , as required

How to make Classic Apple Pie Recipe (Stars in the Galaxy)

  1. To begin making the Classic Apple Pie recipe, first let’s knead the pie dough and let it rest. Till the time it will be ready to use, we will be done with all our preparations.

  2. Firstly we will make the dough and tart base. Take all purpose flour in a bowl and add sugar. Mix well

  3. Now add diced butter and mix it well using your fingers. Don’t use any spoon or ladle to mix. Do it with fingers as it will make sure that every bit of flour has a buttery flavor to it

  4. After 5-10 minutes, you will start noticing crumbled texture of the flour. Dip your fingers in cold water and keep mixing it lightly.

  5. Once the dough is kneaded, it will be rough crumbled dough, cover it in a cling film and let it rest in fridge for 30 mins

  6. Take it out post 30 minutes and roll it out. Arrange it on the tart tin. Make sure you press the corners with thumb to make it stick in perfect shape.

  7. On the base, make impressions with fork. This will make sure that the dough will not rise during baking. Now, spread kidney beans or chana over the top and bake well till 12 minutes at 150 degrees. Once you will see light golden color of the base, tarts are ready. Do not un-mould them.

  8. The next step is to make the apple filling. Put all the stuff (except lemon juice and mint) in a pan and keep stirring it lightly

  9. Once the apples get moist and caramel comes out of the pan due to sugar, switch off the gas Now add lemon juice and mint leaves. Mix well, taste it and adjust the spices.

  10. Next, arrange apple filling over the baked tarts. Cover the top with the dough (design it as per your choice).

  11. Bake again for 10 minutes or till the top turns golden. Take them out and let them cool down for good 2-3 hours.

  12. Your Classic Apple Pie is ready. Savor them hot along with chilled vanilla icecream.

  13. Serve Classic Apple Pie along with Grilled Tofu Spinach/Lettuce Sandwich and Espresso Coffee for your next tea party.

Prepare it in advance and keep it refrigerated. Whenever you want to have it, just warm it up in Microwave for 30 secs and serve with Vanilla icecream,.

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