20 Delicious Recipes That Uses Dill Leaves In Various Ways

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Adding fresh green leafy vegetables to your diet, is always recommended to increase the nutritive value of the meals consumed.  Be it spinach leaves, fenugreek leaves amaranth leaves or even dill leaves. Each of these are healthy to include in your everyday diet. One such green leafy vegetable is Dill leaves. Which has earthy yet fresh flavours, when added to various dishes. 

It not just adds a lush green colour but also also lends its flavours to the dish making it healthy. 

Dill leaves are called different names in different languages. In hindi it is called suva sabzi, in kannada sabsige soppu or sabakshi soppu, while the Maharashtrians and Goans call it shepuchi bhaji. 

Did you know: Dill leaves is a strong herb that helps to reduce cholesterol and is very good for digestion. It must be consumed in small amounts and can be included once a week in your meals to improve your immune system.

Dill leaves are consumed differently across various regions, while in South Indian, we add it to idlis, dosas, make palayas and kootu out of it. It is also the star ingredient of ambode and and akki roti both from the Karnataka. 

While otherwise dill leaves can be stuffed in parathas, or used in rice recipes, they taste equally good when added to sabzis like baingan or even potatoes. 

Add them to pulaos and rice recipes, as it lends a great aroma to it. 

So try out these recipes, and tell us ways in which you used the dill leaves.