70 Healthy Green Moong Dal Recipes From Across India

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Moong Beans also known as Green Gram or Sabut Moong Dal in Hindi, is a legume which is usually cultivated in India and south east Asia. It is an ingredient which is diabetic friendly, full of plant based protein, high in fiber and other important nutrients. It can be used in both savoury and sweet dishes and here we have a collection of delicious green moong dal whole and split recipes which you can make for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. 

Across India, the hulled and split yellow moong dal is used. Yellow moong dal is light and easier to digest but the green moong dal has more fibre as compared to the yellow moong dal. Sprouted moong dal is a powerhouse of nutrition. It’s a source of manganese, potassium, folate, magnesium, copper, zinc, and vitamin B and dietary fiber. It is easy to make sprouts at home.

Follow How to make Sprouts at Home. You can munch on handful of sprouts anytime of the day to keep your energy levels up and also make side dishes with green moong dal sprouts.

Green Moong dal also taste great in a dessert. Try Pachai Payaru Payasam Recipe - Green Moong Dal Payasam to satisfy your taste buds and sweet cravings.

Here are a few more delicious and comforting Green Moong Dal Recipe to keep you hail and hearty. Do try and let us know how you like it.

1. Green Moong Dal Indian Breakfast & Tiffin Recipes

Green Moong dal is a healthier alternative to rice and refined flour and unhealthy starch. Its good to kick start your day with a protein rich and nutrition packed diet. So make these amazingly tasty breakfast recipes.

 2. Green Moong Dal South Indian Curry & Dal Recipes

Many south Indian Curries and dals use the wholesome green gram.  The flavours of coconut and green gram go really well together. Light and healthy these South Indian Curries taste great with hot steaming rice and a papad on the side. Try Cherupayar Thoran Recipe - Kerala Style Green Gram Sabzi  which a yummy south Indian dry green moong dal recipe.

3. Green Moong Dal North Indian Curry & Dal Recipes

Here are some delicious north Indian dal and curry recipes which you and your family will love. Dal bati churma is a famous Rajasthani dish which has bati made of flour and dal is a mixed dal which has green gram in it. A match made in heaven when it comes to flavour combinations and is a must try. 

4. Green Moong Dal Indian Rice Recipes

Khichdi is an ultimate comfort food which many of us love and is a great dish to be served to old and young. Here are some simple and tasty khichdi recipes for you to try. Green moong dal also tastes great in pulaos and biryanis and you will be amazed as to how tasty these recipes are. Serve these with raita and papad for a satisfying meal. 

5. Green Moong Dal Indian Evening Snack & Appetizer Recipes

Moong dal fritters make a great evening snack. Crispy on the outside and soft inside these can be served with tea or even at your party as an appetizer. Add Fresh Moong dal sprouts to any chaat to make them healthier. Here are some finger licking good snack options for you to try.